Orthodox Christmas 2018

IMG_1327.JPG sunset at Mt. Shasta, 1-6-1208

162. In upward flights we learn the great gift of patience. Radiant creative patience does not resemble the murky cloak of non-resistance to evil. Stooped non-resistance sits like unsuccessful fishermen; their stake of a length of yarn cannot check the dance of the elements. Creative patience holds the key to the new World, therefore patience creates a power which is intensified with each hour of reality. -M: Community 1926

36. Soul energy is called the organ of the fourth dimension. Indeed the fact of this dimension is relative–it only expresses the refined state of all feelings. Great refinement bestows the possibility of understanding supermundane conditions.

a3bbde75f7c91f4fe090d16a053d2172--blog.jpg -Morya: Brotherhood 1937
True spiritual God-mastery is not measured by clairvoyance or psychic phenomena but by the God-control of the sacred fires of the heart and adeptship on the path of love.
The things that fall into the category of the psychic include dealing with spirits and spiritualism, automatic writing, involvement with UFOs and methods of divination such as worldly astrology, tarot, the pendulum and Ouija boards. The psychic and psychic people have a peculiar vibration. It is a vibration of entities and of a lower energy rate, and by and by you learn to recognize these people.
There is a psychic net that the dark powers of the world use. They weave a grid of dark energy in the same way that the angels weave a grid of light. However the dark powers try to tie people together and have them pick up the vibrations of one another that are destructive. This is mob psychology; this is how it is used and how it spreads.
But there is a way to foil the plots of the sinister force and that is by the power of the spoken Word. We read “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be establishe unto thee; by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” This means that the spoken Word–when that spoken Word is given with a certain speed and a certain rhythm and accompanied by mental visualization–will cut through the psychic net. The psychic realm is but a continuation of the physical plane and its many levels of consciousness.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.37.23 PM.jpg

-Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet: Paths of Light and Darkness, chapter 2, 2003.
Long ago on Atlantis the race of men then seeking to know, to dare, to do and to silently pursue the Laws of Life fell into the habit of thinking they had reached the ultimate in accomplishment because they were manifesting considerable control over material substance. Nevertheless such phenomena were and are by no means indicative of a true inner God-awareness and Self-control. Atlantean science like the present-day physical sciences seemed the highest, and materialism, atheism and sensuality, with gratification of personal wants, stood to the men and women of that day second only to the goals of the supreme state.

Aerial-Washington-Monument.jpg -Saint Germain, at page 7 of Paths of Light and Darkness, S. U. Press, 2003


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