pure ideas and noble forms


Pure ideas and noble forms are the archetypal patterns of the real Image. They are seeds of light which when planted in the subconscious and conscious domains of the fertile mind bring forth after their kind. Without these kernels of light rooted and nourished in the very substance of his soul man cannot hope to express perfection in his world. Each one is a lodestone of God-desire to become without all that which is within. Each one is a magnet that attracts from God above to man below the creative essence of the universe. And if these monads be abundantly scattered throughout his consciousness–each one a nucleus of reality, each one a forcefield of fervent faith, hope and charity, then man can indeed look to outpicture in the microcosm that which he has thought to be “the impossible dream, the unreachable star.”…
Thus after alternate periods of living in the synthetic world and then in the real, man comes to the feet of the masters of Wisdom where he learns that Life is to be found only in reverence for all that lives. Returning to the abode of his own thoughts he seeks to recapture the realization of that unity which he now knows must exist within the heart of the universe and even with the heart of a cell. He begins to turn within to tap the reservoirs of nature–he must explore the unknown as well as the known!…
The flame of the resurrection is invoked for the resurgence of Life wherever the flow of Life is interfered with or abruptly cut off–whether at the molecular level or within the organic bodies of entire communities and nations or in the environment of elemental life. Its colorful crystals are the cupbearers of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation and restoration.
Passing though atoms, cells and electrons the flame transmits the spin of your soul’s joie de vivre, restoring the natural rhythm of your unique life cycles. Beginning with your heartbeat, then activating the pulsation of billions of atomic nuclei and sun-centers of your cells it regulates the figure-eight flow of spiritual energies in and out of your matter-universe.
The resurrection flame is the fount of bubbling joy that brings the smile of spiritual satisfaction to your face because you experience that inner awareness of your never-ending reason for being….
“I AM the violet-flame miracle healing of my heart every hour of every day now made manifest! And I praise the Lord of Life for my perfect healing now made manifest!” -Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Science of the Spoken Word, S. U. Press, chapter XVIII, 1983
Resurrection-flame-thoughtform.jpg -resurrection flame around physical heart
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.02.25 PM.jpgUnknown copy 2.jpeg -Phylos the Tibetan


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