The most striving consciousness can affix the imprints of its thought

145. On pure soil do you begin my manifestations. I shall point out the time for every pure beginning. Need will not afflict you. Outer laws will not violate your inner order. Deem it a blessing to bring light amidst the dark and inimical hosts. We have determined to reveal the ways of enlightening cruel hearts – to soften them with the balm of beauty. But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and stronger than the words of bliss. Only with great travail can the hand of truth bend the prison bars. From Above rain words of truth, and men have unfurled umbrellas to shield themselves from the downpour of God’s clouds, but the shower will reach even their dry hearts. We strike evil blind, and by lightning illumine the path of Good. We send the gift of understanding to the manifested hearts. Only the blind will doubt – have patience for the future steps. –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

370. Every energy has a creative power. The most subtle consciousness has the best receptivity. The most striving consciousness can affix the imprints of its thought. The creative power is affirmed by the centers possessing subtle receptivity. Each fine energy is reflected in the creativeness of the Spirit. Thought creates and it affirms each imprint! Thus do the Lords create, likewise does an agni yogi create. If humanity would understand how majestic the creative impulse of thought is, then every thought generated would be expended for the common good. Thus each pearl of spirit creates better possibilities. a3bbde75f7c91f4fe090d16a053d2172--blog.jpg-Morya: Infinity 2, 1930

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