the love that is the hallowed circle of life

I come that you might know what it is to be Mother and to impart to you a veil of light like the veil that a bride wears, symbolizing the virgin consciousness.  And I place upon you one and all that veil which shields the consciousness from the impurities of the world and seals you in the immaculate light of the Cosmic Virgin.

I am grateful for the release of love and light from the heart of my beloved Saint Germain and my Son Jesus.  I come as the finisher of that faith of which they are the authors; I come to conclude a spiral of Omega.  I come that you might remember the love that is the hallowed circle of life.

I draw that circle around you now, around you each one together with your twinflame.  And there is imparted to each one of you by angels of Raphael’s band the truth of the Presence of your divine complement that you might feel a moment the wholeness of Father-Mother in life as Above so below.  It is the Christ consciousness of the counterpart that I would have you experience that you might see how the merging of energies in a spiral of wholeness is for your ultimate victory and your ultimate return.  This hallowed circle can never be broken but includes all of life also as the awareness of Self and Selfhood….

For the flame is God, and I claim no exclusivity in that flame or in that name, for as I have said before, all can be truly the Mother of God….I am the instrument of mercy, I am the instrument of grace.  So you too can and shall become instruments for the dispensation of virtues of light through the jeweled essence of the sacred fire that descends from your causal body….How good it is to arrive at the mark of victory knowing that you have left that mark definitely imprinted in the planetary home andResurrection-flame-thoughtform.jpg etched upon souls, millions of souls, who will follow after you.                            -Archeia Mary:  6-16-1974 at Burbank via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet      (illustration of resurrection flame, as in Science of Spoken Word, 1991; see also Prayer and Meditation, 1978

LateEgyptEncausticCoffin.jpeg-possibly Hypatia of Alexandria

The martyrdom of Hypatia in A.D. 415 is an example of the raging of the serpentine force against the wisdom of the World Mother….So great was her wisdom, so beautiful her countenance, so eloquent her speech that she attracted thousands to the feet of the Divine Theosophia.     -Messengers M and E Prophet:  Path of the Higher Self, 2003, p. 418



3-26-17    Hundreds of participants rallied in the Siberian cities of Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk, the Kommersant newspaper reported.  Some 3,000 people also protested in Yekaterinburg, the capital of Russia’s Ural region.  Ten people were detained at the rally.

Navalny personally addressed demonstrators in Siberia’s Novosibirsk, Russia’s third city, via telephone.  More than 2,000 people met for the rally, a regional record, the news site reported.


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