scientists discover new organ in body

It’s located not far from the lungs, they tentatively are calling it “the heart,” but they’re rather uncertain what it does or why it exists.

This may remind us of a mystery called “us”, “we”, umm, “that weird guy.”  Today I remember there are two versions of us, we-—one called the mass consciousness, often wavering, generally habitual; the other called the creative potential or daringness.  The mass consciousness is perhaps horizontal-oriented, pragmatic at root; the creative potential means fundamentally our spinal column, vertical-oriented, theoretic–it keys directly, God willing, into creative energy and creative coordination, has potentiality to center upon and harmonize with the sun-centered beingness of life.

In other words we have an inherent challenge along the vertical axis; and if one can “stand, face, conquer” in this mode, then application into the horizontal axis of practical life directly follows at both cellular and as organized unit—whether individually or in terms of group potentiality.  But that peculiar new organ called “the heart” must somehow be woven into this intersection of vertical and horizontal axes, given that someone would intend that vertical and horizontal intersect.                  -R, Yreka, CA

pink-dolphin.jpg-bottlenose dolphin in Louisiana waters

presence.jpg-conception of a higher life/purpose called “I AM”potw08_0810.jpg-Confucius statue in San Jose, CA park by Jack Fang, 1973


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