His purpose is destiny, not dust.

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Men think black, they think white and they think yellow and red (races).  Men express through the opacity of their thoughts and feelings the light that itself is never in bondage to the intruding screens of consciousness through which it is projected.  It is true that a part of the light is trapped in these screens and thereby opaqued from view.  But the energy that is trapped is obedient to man, therefore it is content to abide anywhere.  The problem lies not in the energy but in the vision of those who do not see the light that glows just beyond the veil of manifestation but only the limited release that passes through the form.  The problem of density is not a problem of race; on the contrary it is common to the whole human race….

I do not say that underprivileged races and peoples should not rise.  I do not say that the enlightened among humanity should not help them.  I do say that men of hatred and ill will, speaking out with craftiness and appearing as angels of light, have gone forth with the intent of Mark Antony in his funeral oration to Caesar:  “I came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”  These have often thought to arouse and to incite to violence the members of a particular race and of an entire world community as well.  Can hatred give rise to love?  Can darkness bring forth light?…You cannot force people to love you or to accept you; you can only expand the light within your heart and by noble and useful effort contribute to the wellbeing of the world community….You can never legislate respect, you can only earn it….

Each man is intended to become illustrious.  His purpose is destiny, not dust.                                Unknown.jpeg-Chananda:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:30   (portrait by N. T. Miller, 2003)


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