photos near CA-OR border

IMG_4598.JPGIMG_4600.JPG-Siskiyou Pass, 4300 feet, highpoint of I-5

IMG_4603.JPG-Mt. Ashland from south-Hornbrook

IMG_4604.JPGIMG_4605.JPGIMG_4627.JPG -Pilot Rock, southern Oregon Cascade, from southIMG_4630.JPG-Hornbrook, as well the following:


311.  Two who sit at one table, opposite each other, cannot be opponents if they follow the same Teacher.  Inclusiveness and tolerance are one.       -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

215, 556.  One must not fear the dark attacks.  There is a multitude of dark allies, but they are like the branches of a torch.  I affirm that it is the destiny of the dark ones to be the opponents of light.  But I am giving the summons for unity, and therein will lie a great experiment.  One must give testimony to the world; and is not the temple of the Spirit a testimony?  I affirm a new understanding of Hierarchy.  I affirm a new battle for the banner of light….Of course, white magic possesses the most powerful formula–but above all formulas stands the energy of the heart.  All formulas and conjurations presuppose mechanical apparatuses, remaining within the confines of the lowest teachings.  But now when the forces of darkness are so aroused the forces of the heart are set against them in opposition.  It can be noticed how gradually the rituals of white magic were carried to the highest concepts of Fire and the heart.  The dark ones do not possess these strongholds. Only the pure heart can act; only the link with the Hierarchy of Light can kindle inextinguishable fires.  Thus the opposition of the heart to all dark forces will be the sign of victory.  I affirm the might of the heart, and from your experience you know how close and powerful is this weapon of light.       -Morya:  Heart 1932

300.   Let a leader of light not consider taking into his camp the extinguishers and opponents of light.  Light cannot magnify darkness; likewise darkness cannot enhance the light, consequently such unions contradict nature.       -M:  Fiery World 1934




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