yes-men and yes-women beset by the same low order of entities; equinox

And rock music and country at the altar tells it all.  It tells what spirits are upon the preachers, to whom they give allegiance and to what low level of compromise they are willing to go to keep their followers.  Let them renounce it all and follow the LORD in solitude as Moses, Elijah and Jesus have done.  And let let them that he real empowerment requires the sacrifice of money, position, power, fame and an idolatrous cult of “Yea, Lord”–yes-men and -women also beset by the same low order of entities which followed Jesus everywhere he went, repeating in vain his blessed name over and over for fear that the Lord would exorcise them.  And he did!…No, when it comes down to it they want to be saved by the name of Jesus without the person of Jesus….

After all, blessed hearts, Christianity today is as much a social institution as is Judaism.  And people gather together in their churches as centers of fellowship while the delicate truths and the piercing light of the sacred mysteries–even the mystery of the piercing of the Body of Christ–escapes them and becomes merely the repetition of words they have heard and mere human sentiment they entertain for a season  But it passes away, never having penetrated the heart            lanto.jpg    -Lanto at the Royal Teton Retreat, in Messengers M & E Prophet:  Lords of the Seven Rays, book 1, 1986, pp. 99-100


And therefore you see how easily they can be deceived and why Jesus prefaced his Teaching, “Be not deceived.”  Their inordinate fear has made them unstable, seeking security in their misinterpretation of the Word, as Peter said of the unlearned who are without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit–they “wrest the scriptures unto their own destruction.” (II Pet. 3:16)

Without the Holy Spirit, without the dividing of the way of light and darkness we cannot know what is the vibration of Truth, what is the reality of Christ in us and with us.

So there are many false prophets and false teachers who are the Watchers come again, the scribes and Pharisees reincarnated.  They come to bury the light and to destroy the Spirit by the letter, by argument, by dissertations and discourses and dogma, proving why the Teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ delivered to us through his Holy Spirit are not so.  But the proof of the Teaching is the vibration: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”  It is the light of the Son of God registering in your heart that is the proof–even when it contradicts time-worn doctrine–for the LORD is the witness within you.

I am not the proof of the Teaching, you are not the proof of the Teaching.  We are the proof of the Teaching when the Father and the Son make their abode with us. …it is through that nucleus of light that the LORD receives the word of His people (their commands given in His name by the science of the spoken Word) to anchor His judgment, i.e., His vengeance. (Isa. 45:11)

This is why America is under attack.  It is because the lightbearers are here.  This is why World Communism wants to take America and to take her people but not destroy it–because they want the light intact.         Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet-enseñando.png-Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  3-13-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

chakra-man.jpg-chakras aligned, purified,  balanced, intensified


At 3:29 a.m. PDT on March 20, 2017 is equinox.  Sun at square to Saturn and Moon, and Sun at one-fifth of circle to Pluto.  This is a complex configuration.  -r


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