photos of southern Oregon

IMG_4590.JPGIMG_4586.JPGIMG_4591.JPGIMG_4584.jpgIMG_4588.jpgIMG_4585.jpgIMG_4589.JPGIMG_4583.JPG-north side of Siskiyous



IMG_4597.JPG-Casscades of southern Oregon


You will find in the surrender of the tiny self to the allness of God a welling up of the feeling of universal brotherhood which is the hum of the universe:  om mani padme hum!…

Those powers and forces that have allied themselves with the dark, they but contrast the power of the light to free man for immortality.  In the messages of the flowers and the trees men see aspiration reaching toward heaven, they see beauty flourish everywhere in glorious fulfillment.  Why then should any man cast aside his divine birthright for sensuous living and the senseless struggle between egos–for criticism, gossip, human filth and degradation–when the great continents of the air await the coming of the higher mind?  For the mind of Christ communed of old with nature, and in his oneness with nature did he receive the power to control nature.

Modern man and modern mystic as they once again draw nigh unto God will find the power of God drawing nigh unto them, for the Holy Spirit will regenerate within them that unity which will enable them to feel and to be the harmonizing power of the natural order of all things.  Nature herself cannot bear to deny a proper response to such as these.           -Amaryllis:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:9

Midsummer Eve
-Amaryllis, Goddess of Spring, or Virgo, Hierarch of earth element, by E. R. Hughes, ~1900
-Diana, Hierarch of fire element, in book by Clare Gibson, 1996

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