America may have been invaded

III, iv, 15.  The highest expectancy is that of the evolution of the world.  The usual expectations are divided into the dark, the sluggish and the vigilant.  The chaos of the dark ones brings only harm to space.  The sluggish expectations are like smoldering coals.  The vigilant expectations manifest readiness to accept the new at every hour.             –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

587.  This parable can be told to many.  The coils of the snake are so frequent!  Having become like snakes, people cannot tolerate anything beyond their crawling state.  They are ready to waste time and effort in order to discover something which in their opinion would be disparaging.  The worm’s dimensions correspond to such a tendency of thought.  He who tries to assert that the yogi’s achievements do not exist is verily a cunning worm!  But it is necessary to centralize all the details of yoga through refinement of the heart–thus are the ancient achievements renewed in the rays of the new world.    ElMorya22.jpg-Morya:  Heart 1932   (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)


America may have been invaded, her armed forces compromised, there may be a weakening of the morale of the people, but I tell you still of all the nations of the Earth she holds the greatest promise for the incorporation of light within the planetary body.  And, beloved ones, there is not another nation which has the capacity to defend freedom upon the Earth outside of this nation.  And therefore you will see the total loss of freedom upon Terra, as there has been the total loss of freedom and light upon Mars through the take-over of the astral hordes, should the people of this nation not carry the torch of love, wisdom and power in this age….

Yes, beloved, I am on the line of the Holy Spirit and I see clearly every demon and discarnate who have invaded the temples of light.  I see how there has been the manipulation of peoples.  I see the manipulation in the Middle East as the Arabs and the Jews are pitted against one another in an age-old strife that began long ago beyond this planetary body.  And they have come to Earth, they have imported with them that hatred one of the other–of their descendants and those who have come forth in the beginning from the same seed and the same flame of the Mother.  Beloved ones, this strife augmented by so many divisions and so many individuals seeking power within the Middle East has been long considered the trump card of the fallen ones.  If all else fails, they still intend to explode that condition in the Middle East….

It is human greed and selfishness, it is the selfish misuse of the light of the Holy Spirit that has brought down upon the children of God and the children of Israel century after century these wars manipulated by the fallen ones to the destruction of the children of light….We are not concerned with those who love the path of compromise; they are neither hot nor cold, they are spewed out of the mouth of God and out of our presence.  We march forward with those who have the zeal of the sacred fire, and we do not count the numbers of the people–we do not number the amount of those who have signed up for this or that.  We number the factor of light, the cosmic cross of whitefire and the cube of the heart.  And, beloved ones, I may tell you that when the measure of light is measured by weight and the measure of darkness is measured by weight then you will see how the little band of lightbearers composing far less than 1% of Earth’s population will be the majority with God….

O beloved ones, see how the relentless dripping of the water wears away the granite.  See how the relentless light of Shiva will wear away even the hardness of men’s hearts, even the most recalcitrant, even the most rebellious ones.  Ah, Shiva will have you yet for that sacred fire!  You who are born of God, you will not remain long outside.    Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.23.37 PM.png   -Shiva:  3-12-1978 at Miami Beach via Messenger E C Prophet


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