becalmed in a state of vacillation between two evils without even the thought of deliverance in their hearts


-Mira Wang with Stradivarius of 1734 restored after its having been stolen in 1980

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What is the source of tension?  Surely not your mighty I AM God Presence.  Human miscreation and the neglect of spiritual study have propelled men into a decisions valley.  There they are becalmed in a state of vacillation between two evils without even the thought of deliverance in their hearts.  Millions live in this manner; the world wallows in deceit.

The children of the light have a most awesome responsibility–theirs is to portray the universal divine life.  They are expected to  provide the power of a better example….

The protection of your tube of light, vigilance in consciousness, adherence to the law of true being and faithfulness in all things will help you to expand the flame of freedom in your being and to obtain your victory over human deceit and misjudgment….They must not dissipate the energies of their freedom in overconcern with the antics of the disparaging ones.      -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:27   

During my lifetime as Francis Bacon when the Shakespearean plays were released, embodying at times those cloud-capped ideas of the Spirit and then again entering into the arrows and slings of outrageous fortune, I delivered to the world both censure and praise–praise for the beauty to be found in the soul which God planted there in bejeweled splendor, and blame for the old “follow-the-leader” concepts whereby men of fear write their own epitaphs in infamy.  These do not consider the native qualities of divinity as gifts of worth but follow instead those decadent concepts which reveal them as men who stand for nothing save feathering their own nests….

What man requires then is not a simple formula or system of affirmation and denial to disprove the existence of the material universe–as though by mere thought he could alter the creation–but the knowledge of that power which will transmute the frozen energies of his world whether dense or ethereal into light and love and truth.  When this is accomplished then freedom is born and radiates from within both matter and spirit.  Let men see the role of the violet flame as it culls out of the consciousness, out of the vital bodies and out of the whole being of man every human subtlety, every retrogressive tendency, and completely nullifies the coercions of the man of the world….

Matter is not the culprit but the clay that must be molded.  It is human pride on the one hand and a sense of groveling in the dust on the other, it is condemnation, judgment and criticism reinforced by fear which play their roles in hindering the soul from the expansions God envisions for all….For although man must be free he must also be willingly bound to the highest….

Fiery destiny, unveil thyself/ And show the higher way of God!                                                      Fiery destiny, unveil thyself/ For man is not a clod!                                                                      Fiery destiny, unveil thyself,/ Infuse the soul with God!                                                                        StGermain03Grand.jpg          Invictus, Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:27


In yesterday’s entry, I suggested that rather than bemoan the inevitable failure of centralized “fixes,” let’s turn our efforts to the real solutions:  decentralized, networked, localized.  To commentators such as Richard Florida decentralized, networked, localized describes cities.

He describes the transition from central states imposing solutions to cities being the incubators of solutions as The Most Disruptive Transformation in History:  How the clustering of knowledge lays bare the need to devolve power from the nation-state to the city.


182.  The path to yoga is open only to the one who recognizes that his knowledge is insignificant, who seldom thinks of the distinctions bestowed upon him by others, who has not taken part in any wrongdoings of religions, who remembering about reincarnation does not overvalue his earthly bloodline, who can yearly repeat the planting of his garden smiling at the storms that undid his past labors, who has lost the ability to slander, who has aimed his striving search toward the Invisible Supreme, who has rejected the companionship of all betrayers of Truth, and who has encircled himself with purity of thinking which produces an invincible aura.                 -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929    Sergey.jpgSergius of Radonezh by V. Vasnetsov, 1882


“From information just in, we do (know the shooters)” said David Thorne.  “Major General Edward Lansdale…was in charge of the Dallas hit teams and even came over to the man behind the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll and asked the shooter James files (Sutton), ‘Is everything in place?’  Sam Giancana was in Dallas on 11-22-1963 ‘to supervise’ the assassination…Charles Nicoletti (Mafia) was the shooter who hit Kennedy in the occiput from the rear in the Dal-Tex Building;…David Atlee Philips (CIA)…supplied the assassins’ needs including the Remington Fireball and a powerful scope which James Files (James Sutton) used on JFK.”       -James Norvell: Treason Treachery and Deceit, 2014     see


a guy named William Harvey, who was head of the CIA-Mafia plot against Castro and hated the Kennedys, thought that they were weak and so on, he was seen leaving his Rome station and flying to Dallas, by his own deputy, on an airplane early in November 1963. This is a remarkable sighting because to place someone like William Harvey, the head of the CIA’s assassination unit put there by Allen Dulles, in Dallas in November of ’63 before the assassination is a very important fact . The CIA, by the way, refuses even at this late date to release the travel vouchers for people like William Harvey.  Under the JFK Records Act, that was passed back in the 1990s, they are compelled by federal law to release all documents related to the Kennedy assassination, but they’re still withholding over 1,100 of these documents, including–and I used the Freedom of Information Act to try and get the travel vouchers–for William Harvey.  They’re still holding onto them….

after the Bay of Pigs, Dulles didn’t get the memo.  He went home to Georgetown and continued to operate from his home as if he were still running the CIA.  His top deputies came on a regular basis to meet with him….

That team that was killing foreign leaders, that was targeting foreign leaders, that Dulles had assembled, including men like William Harvey, Howard Hunt, David Morales—these were all key figures of suspicion by Congress during the House Assassinations Committee investigation in the ’70s. That was the team that was brought to Dallas. I now identify those men. A couple of them admitted—Howard Hunt, on his death bed, admitted that he was involved in the Kennedy assassination, and the mainstream media completely overlooked this shocking—

AMY GOODMAN: Howard Hunt, who was Watergate.

DAVID TALBOT: He was the leader of the Watergate break-in and a legendary CIAaction officer, and very close to Allen Dulles, revered Allen Dulles. On his death bed, he revealed that he was part of that plot. Again, 60 Minutes looked at it and then walked away. I know a lot about this story. But the media has been, I think, shockingly remiss in not looking into this investigation. It’s a taboo subject.


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