the conditions of this world seem very real


chakra-man.jpg chakras aligned, purified, balanced, intensified–courtesy Summit Lighthouse, Inc.

IMG_6457.JPGeiffel-tower-unconstruction.jpg-Eifel Tower 1887-9


einstein-1-300x277.jpg -Einstein with  friend



  Receive then the Holy Ghost as the essence of his body and his blood.  And with it slay therefore every facet of unreality!  For to many who do not see or know or understand, beloved hearts, the conditions of this world seem very real.  They must have reinforcement of the fire that is yours as you stand at the foot of the cross and perceive the crown of thy life everlasting, and world karma cast into the Lake of Fire (on the star Sirius) and the entire future set before you–when death and hell are no more and the inhabitants thereof  have ceased to breathe the very breath of the Holy Ghost  which they have denied and brought upon themselves therefore the annihilation of identity. Beloved ones, these things will come to pass in a twinkling of the eye.

And though the legend be not true concerning Joseph of Arimathea (long years) imprisoned, know this, beloved heart:  that with the Grail (of the Last Supper) and with the infilling of it with the light of Alpha and Omega you will pass through the most arduous-seeming and burdensome-appearing initiations, truly as in a state of ecstasy and bliss of the Buddha.  This is a gift of the community Above and below…the sign of the New Jerusalem.  This is the sign of the appearing of thy God….use the science of the Word for the conclusion of the judgment of this World Communism already crumbling from within, already disintegrating and yet appearing to have the strength in its mockery of the Word to take over the planet.  See that in the unbelief of this system it is not so!*          IMG_1821.JPG-Archangel Gabriel:  4-20-1984, Good Friday, at Camelot, Los Angeles     *When the soul ceases to believe in the unreal system that system ceases to be.      (portrait as in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)

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