The ring of fire must be established.

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If you do not eat it up, if you do not understand that the bitterness in the belly of our Word is the demand for change and resolution, if you do not understand that if the first fire rings of seraphim surrounding the Central Sun did not transmit those electronic fire-rings to the worlds, the ideations of the mind of God would be stillborn–then how will you run with the fire of the altar?

Thus it is not yours to consider whether or not friend or foe or stranger is ready.  The readiness is predetermined by the authorization of the release from the Lords of Karma.  Heaven cannot wait.  Heaven says this day:  the encounter with Maitreya must be!  Let the Word go forth!…And let the reason thereof be known–that there is an ancient Hierarchy to which all pay obeisance and from whose fount all deliver a mighty Word of the ages from the Ancient of Days….You are torchbearers and runners in the night–Keepers of the Flame!…

Blessed hearts, knock on the door of my heart and apply to stump with the message worldwide….I say to all of you, let your threefold flames (at heart-core) be the means to ignite those in whom the flame has gone out….The ring of fire must be established.  The land that is hallowed must be guarded.  And you must make a statement of courage and conviction that there is no other desire, no other plan of import save this one….I tell you, beloved hearts, another opportunity or place or time shall not be given.  This is it.  This is the one and the One Sent….You see, precious ones, it is the physical presence of the Guru and the chelas who must anchor God in the mighty figure-eight flow, as Above so below.                       mother-mary-by-ruth-hawkins.jpg-Archeia Mary:  12-27-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles           (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)

Met,_gandhara,_standing_bodhisattva_maitreya,_3rd_century_ca..JPGmaxresdefault.jpg-Maitreya; Messenger E C Prophet

IMG_4582.JPG-Ashland Creek


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