International corporations and globalists prefer using biochemical agents on US and world populations

11-9-15         FMC.jpg-A former endosulfan production facility in Baltimore, Maryland

A pesticide (endosulfan) known as “DDT’s cousin” is still being used in the U.S., despite (vast) evidence of its (VERY) toxic effects.

There are currently 179 parties that have ratified the Stockholm Convention (178 states and the European Union, a binding international treaty on persistent organic pollutants).  Countries that have not yet ratified are Brunei, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta and the United States.…“There’s no political will in Congress to do that (sign Stockholm Convention),” asserted Reeves of PANNA (Pesticide Action Network North America).

……………………………………………………………………  pesticides-top-photo-autism-1484326320-article-header.jpg-CHLORPYRIFOS IS THE “Coca-Cola of growers” (American farms use 8 million pounds of it yearly); Dow Chemical prefers it

German chemist Gerhard Schrader first documented the effects of the chemicals on the human nervous system while trying to develop pesticides “to protect food” for the Nazi war effort.  As Schrader noted in 1936 after he and a colleague were severely sickened by a mere drop of organophosphate that landed on a lab bench near them…Introduced to the market in 1965, the use of chlorpyrifos in farming only began to take off in the 1980s (to replace DDT but still destroys most natural health in animals, birds, insects and people)….

While Dow was keeping some of the disturbing information about its chemical from the public, its own research was showing chlorpyrifos to be much safer.  While they were reassuring, the company’s studies were also “scientifically worthless,” according to neuroscientist and Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky.


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