the goal of the wise and the sincere

Man was conceived in the expansive flame of Liberty from God’s own heart.  This reality, dimmed now by intruding factors, is the goal of the wise and the sincere.  The billions who call planet Earth home are broken fragments of a universal Oneness.  The Liberty of Oneness has been lost to the multifaceted sense of separation, and thus beneath his own fig tree and attached to his own vine man goes his separate and several ways…..

Only the pull of the sun-center of universal Reality, only the recognition by mankind en masse of the great laws governing cosmos and the spread of understanding about cosmos can develop within the unfolding identity of the individual a sense of the harmony of universal Liberty.  No specific good would occur in the community of being by forcing the separated segments of the Universal into an unwilling alliance….

The cloak of religion which has smothered rather than swaddled mankind’s beginnings in Truth has masked the face of creative expansion, set brother against brother, absorbed mankind’s energies in fruitless struggle and weakened the plan of the Brotherhood for the unity of this age….Man, caught in the miasma of his separatist dream, deigning to be fooled, has created a thousand foolish splinters that have taken him from the truth-center of his being.  It is not that the germ of reality and truth is not active within the many spiritual organizations upon earth; it is simply that individuals do not grasp truth when they find it but prefer instead to form their own anthropomorphic god and to embrace concepts that are foreign to reality….

The meaning of the phrase “spiritual wickedness in high places” is high spiritual development without assimilation of the divine character.  This brittleness of spirit is a disease which threatens the most advanced disciples; its cure is that humility of heart which retains its hunger for the Spirit of the Lord which is the Spirit of Liberty.

images.jpeg-Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:26

IMG_6609.JPG-Romanov family gold plate, in a Russian museum


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