Angela Merkel: No refugee cap in Germany

2-16-17     The entire German government 2016 budget surplus–some €6.2 billion (US$6.6 billion)–has been taken up paying for the refugee invasion which has seen over two million nonwhite invaders swamp Germany at the request of Angela Merkel since 2015.

News of the financial burden—which will mean that Germans will soon be forced to start paying more tax, directly or indirectly, despite Merkel’s assurances to the contrary–was admitted to in public by Christian Socialist Union (CSU) regional group chairman Gerda Hasselfeldt.

She said that a proposal by the CSU’s coalition partner, the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD), to invest the surplus in the “digital infrastructure,” modernize other infrastructure, and boost schools, was rejected, as was Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s suggestion that the money be used to repay Germany’s increasing national debt.

Instead, the cash will now be used to try and pay for the ever mounting costs of hosting millions of Third Worlders who are living on welfare in Germany.



Angela Merkel: No refugee cap in Germany

Merkel strikes down calls for a ceiling on number of refugees granted asylum.

Germany will not impose a limit on the number of refugees taken in, Chancellor Angela Merkel told a regional conservative party conference in Münster, German media reported Thursday.

Merkel’s sister party in Bavaria, the CSU, has repeatedly called for setting the limit on the number of refugees granted asylum in Germany and proposed capping migrants at 200,000 per year, an idea Merkel has rebuffed.

 “I don’t consider this tool to be the right one, for several reasons,” she told members of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersachsen and Bremen at a conference in Münster that focused heavily on migration policy.

“It makes a difference whether there is peace in Syria or Iraq. One year there could be very few migrants, the next year more,” she said.



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