Through this image the connecting cords of universal love reach out

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To the children of our dear sister planet, Terra:

The lovely Lady Venus and the spiritual hierarchy of our planet Venus are mindful of the love and devotion of the Eternal Father which permeates the space between the many mansions of God.  These luminous homes of light, planetary orbs housing the destinies of progressive evolutions, move onward through the grand halls of the galaxies as the diurnal movements of the spheres record the inherent cosmic impetus of the Father of all.

We would direct a ray of light’s perfection to the hearts of men.  You seek to probe outer space; your technology reaches for the stars.  But I say to you with a solemn warning, neglect not the space that is within thee–the realm of self that requires the perfection of the eternal plan.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  And I as the Ancient of Days did long hold for men the immortal concept….

We include mention of the Feminine principle in connection with the space within, for many are reaching out into the material universe–the world of matter and form—without understanding that the Spirit that interpenetrates all form and substance is the web of reason (the skeletal framework) that communicates and holds together the cosmos.

Those who would explore the far reaches of space both inner and outer should understand that the divine Feminine is the womb of creation which is impregnated with life by the Spirit of God.  The material universe is the negative polarity whereas the spiritual universe is the positive polarity of the Godhead.  Matter meaning Mater is the chalice which receives the invigorating, life-giving essence of the sacred fire.  Thus the Father principle completes the cycle of manifestation in the world of form through the Mother aspect, and child-man is nourished by the balancing, sustaining action of life whose twofold nature is epitomized in the Christ….

All things come then into position within the framework of the individual’s chalice of manifest perspective….The power to expand the chalice is the power inherent within a mustard seed….In order to live, to cognize and to draw upon experience one must possess consciousness rather than be possessed by the fragments of the consciousness of others or by dream episodes and vain imaginings….

In order to create natives to His own joy He framed men in His own image.  This image He planted within them–it is recorded in the fire of the soul that it might never be lost no matter how far man might wander from his source.  Through this image the connecting cords of universal love reach out as the spokes from a hub–from center to periphery–and all things are brought into focus within the soul who seethes with good….The earth needs to be conquered not by superior might or by power but by the spirit of good.                Unknown.jpeg -Sanat Kumara:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:25

………..IMG_4558.JPGIMG_4559.JPG  -southern Oregon Cascades


398.  Even nowadays there are ignoramuses who rebel against the good of mankind.  But pay no attention to these voices of darkness–they will always exist.  Blasphemy, mockery and slander are the sole weapons of darkness.  Yet you already observe the beautiful energy, and no slander will distress you.         -Morya:  Aum 1936


If you do not keep the faith, if you are faithless, then you cut off the return current of Almighty God that should descend to you.  If you do not give God your faith, He cannot give you His faith–and thus the contract is broken.  And you yourself have broken it, though you accuse God or His representatives of breaking that trust with you….

Therefore I say, let faith abound as a spiral that proceeds from center because the center is twirling.  If the center is not twirling, then a spiral will not be produced but only the straight lines that can be vulnerable….

I tell you, until Armageddon is through and the final judgment and the binding of the fallen ones is o’er it is necessary to understand the spiritual warfare against spiritual forces of evil, principalities and powers of fallen angels, and spiritual wickedness in high places….And until they be bound and judged this war must continue….

Therefore beloved ones, I point out to you that this sympathy (with the fallen ones) must go and [there must be] the binding of the dweller on the threshold of this nation of the entire conglomerate of the beast as well as the dragon–the beast of World Capitalism (that is, monopoly capitalism) and the dragon of the international bankers giving power to the beast of World Communism.       mother-mary-by-ruth-hawkins.jpg -Archeia Mary:  5-15-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles                     (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)


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