secret agreements behind WWII

9-21-2011  by Toomas Trei of Estonia  9271_1.jpg-Trei

Meeting with New York Archbishop Francis Spellman in September 1943 prior to the Tehran conference, FDR indicated that “Stalin would receive Finland, the Baltic States, the eastern half of Poland, and Bessarabia.  The population of eastern Poland wants to become Russian.“   Had FDR asked the Finns, Poles and Balts about this strategy, he undoubtedly would have received answers different from his own thinking.

At least the Finns were able to maintain their independence and freedom by fighting the Soviets to a standstill in the autumn of 1944, (although they lost territory).

At Tehran, “the transcript recounts that jokingly FDR said “that when the Soviet armies re-occupied [Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania] he did not intend to go to war with the Soviet Union over this point.”  Besides, if an election were held in these three countries, Roosevelt was “personally confident that the people would vote to join the Soviet Union.”  However, FDR did not press the issue of having any such free elections.”…

FDR’s ambition, arrogance and vanity were the factors which kept him executing the agenda of these global bankers helping him get elected U. S. President four times!  FDR was willing to sacrifice the welfare of U.S. citizens on the altar of personal prestige and power….

In the twentieth century, the global bankers funded the business monopoly and government partnership capitalism (corporatism) in the United States, as well as the tyrannical government communism in the Soviet Union to create another version of the Hegelian dialectic.  Their desired synthesis would be that future international political leadership would eventually be transferred to a central controlling agency similar to what Woodrow Wilson with his League of Nations initially proposed, and which would come into being in 1945 with Roosevelt’s initiated United Nations.

From Russia, these bankers were rewarded with great financial returns and they were able to establish absolute political control by eradicating the old order and replacing it with enslaving Marxist philosophy applied with Soviet violence and terror.  These policies were dutifully carried out under the steel grip of FDR’s partner Stalin….

The FDR-led corporatists in the U.S and the communists in the Soviet Union were both collectivist agents used by the global bankers with which to control those respective financial and political systems.  When global bankers’ interests do not coincide with the best interests of a nation; strong, independent, courageous leadership is needed to stand up for the well-being of the people.  Unfortunately, for the people of the United States and Europe, FDR was not such a man.

The peoples of Eastern and Central European, whose fate was abandoned to Stalin at the end of World War II, were not actually ‘sold out’ by FDR for obvious personal financial gain; his gains were in political support which enabled him to be a four times elected President.  Thus FDR proved to be a useful, trusted puppet of the international bankers pushing enslaving strategies and policies worldwide on their behalf to help implement “a Godless, Dictatorship of the One-Money-One-World-Super State,” in a Novus Ordo Seclorum.


9-20-2011      by Toomas Trei           Information about a secret agreement between the Soviet Union, France and Britain made on October 15, 1939, allowed Finland to be occupied by the Soviets.  This helps explain why Finland received no aid from the west in spite of being an innocent victim to naked Soviet aggression.  The Soviet-Finland Winter War hostilities ceased when a peace agreement was reached on March 13, 1940.  Although Finland ceded Karelia to the Soviets along with naval bases and some other conditions, most importantly Finland retained its sovereignty.

Soviet aggression continued and in June 1940 the Baltic States were forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union.  Then the nationalistically based leaders of the Baltic countries were killed or deported, leaving the Soviet Communists firmly in charge.  Thus began the first reign of terror on the local citizenry.  At this same time, the Allies were tracking aggressive Nazi actions in Western Europe and were seeing the fall of France….

In spite of the atrocities carried out by Stalin’s Soviet regime in Poland, Finland and the Baltic Republics, the U.S. trade embargo against the Soviets was reversed by FDR in January 1941, even though the Soviets were still aligned with and supplied the Nazi war machine on the western front.  FDR’s decision shows that his government continued to have a close relationship with the USSR, in spite of their being a Nazi Germany’s ally….

Carroll Quigley described the CFR’s modus operandi:  “In fact this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so.”…

When Prime Minister Sikorski of the Polish Government in Exile requested a Red Cross examination of the Katyn massacre, Roosevelt on April 26 sent the following cable to Stalin:  “Sikorski … made a mistake in taking up the matter with the International Red Cross … I am inclined to think that Churchill will find ways and means of getting the Polish Government in London to act with more common sense in the future.”  This showed that FDR was not really looking for the truth, nor to help Poland.  On July 4, 1943, a British airplane taking off from Gibraltar crashed, killing Sikorski.  This crime is still unsolved.


 Fail_New Image.JPG-Toomas Varrak  of Estonia        (S-32:  From Finnish Marshal Mannerheim’s secret documents)   by Varrak

Grassmann acted as an interpreter for the German delegation.  The following meetings were called in Prague and Moscow.  Stalin participated in the conversations on some sessions.  The attained agreement was signed in Berlin at the end of February 1936.  The essential part of the understanding included the following points;

– Poland will be divided along the Curzon line,

– The Soviet Union and Germany consider the Polish-German non- aggression pact null and void,

– Czechoslovakia belongs Germany’s sphere of interests,


– Germany will support the Soviet endeavours to have free rein to check the area between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea and in respect of the Dardanelles,

– Germany will support the Soviet claim to have military and naval bases in the Baltic countries to open up passage to the Baltic Sea,

– Germany will not interfere with the Soviet request to have a mainland connection to her military bases in the Baltic countries,

– Both parties are in agreement that the Treaty of Versailles is unfair to

Germany and that it is impossible to carry it out,

  • –  The Soviet Union accepts the German policy which aims at the introduction of compulsory military service and is also expressed in the Anglo-German Naval Agreement,
  • –  The Soviet Union supports Germany when she starts a policy to abrogate the Treaty of Versailles,
  • –  The Soviet Union promises Germany tangible help to recover the surrendered territories,
  • –  The Soviet-Czech non-aggression and mutual assistance agreement is not a hindrance to German pursuits to merge Czech areas with the German population,
  • –  Germany promises that after the recovery of the surrendered territories, including colonies, she has no more territorial pretensions to anybody………..

    First, through his personal intelligence network, C. G. E. Mannerheim learned in November 1939 that the Soviet Union had concluded a secret agreement with Britain against Germany on 15 October, 1939.  That information was confirmed by Göring’s trustee, lieutenant colonel Josef Veltjens, who came to inform Mannerheim about the same subject in February 1940.  Moreover, according to Hautamäki, the

    Germans had managed to intercept the secret British documents from which came evidence that the Admiralty had endorsed the secret military agreement with the Soviet Union on 28 January 1940.  Churchill’s reply to Stalin’s letter from 28 January 1940 was among the captured documents.  In Stalin’s letter, he had declared that all Finnish territory, including the islands, would be conquered by no later than 15 May 1940.  In his reply, Churchill presented a detailed plan of the co-ordinated actions of Britain, France and the Soviet Union against Germany.  For setting up the Northern front, British marines were to land on agreed regions of Norway and occupy Denmark on the nights of 14 and 15 May.  The hostilities towards Germany were to start with a simultaneous attack from four different directions.  It should be remembered that at the moment of signing the British-Soviet secret agreement, the Soviets had extorted military bases in the Baltic States, extended their territory to the West on account of Poland, and were preparing a decisive onslaught on Finland in the Winter War, which began on 1 February.



    Now by reason of a uniquely bountiful heritage we take for granted too much.  We assume; expect; insist….To take this heritage unthinkingly for granted is a first step to losing it….

    To develop fully your own character you must know your country’s character….I cannot put it to you too strongly or too often that it is to your practical advantage to learn America’s character and problems, in the broadest possible way, and to help to bring those problems to their solutions….the very core of what we mean by Americanism is individual liberty founded on individual responsibility, equality before the law and a system of private enterprise that aims to reward according to merit.   IMG_4561.JPG-Dwight D. Eisenhower:  in Vogue, 2-1-1948 and in Reader’s Digest, October 1948


    IMG_7514 2.JPG

Who is to blame for man’s failure to recognize his internal greatness which flashes forth from time to time in little splendid achievements in the world of form–now as energies released in a competitive burst of speed and then again with the creative impact of an unfulfilled desire for transcendent expression….Men have plans, many of them; they make them for themselves.  But as one of your poets said, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”

Humanity, vacillating between a momentary distraction caused by a kaleidoscopic view of human events and the seeming enigma of life itself, are often tortured either by their own shortcomings or by the shortcomings of others and do not afford preeminence to the divine expressions all around them….The brilliance of this reality seems to blind the eyes of men, and so they turn to worldly projects and carry them out through the years, postponing to a mañana that never comes the spiritual goals they know and feel deeply within….

The world looks to its leaders for guidance.  Any man or woman can be a leader if he will be content to begin to serve in small ways, as he is able, and understand that leadership is a quality of divine love.  This love is fulfilled in the courage that defies convention when necessary even as it is fulfilled in the talent that reaches into the heart of universal truth and draws therefrom, for the benefit of all, some facet of the glorious inner nature of man, framed in the divine image….If men and women, conscious of their own level of attainment, feel a sense of inadequacy, let them understand that the cornucopia of heaven is waiting to pour out the abundant life upon all.  Man has but to admit his need and to ask of God that he may receive.       -Nada:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:36


Europe 25 years ago, 1992:  the population growth rate was low as it is now, the European trade community seemed to be working, the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 was slowly quieting back down, the Soviet Union seemed to crumble and morph into a Yeltsin and then Putin cycle.  So altogether Europe maybe thought they had entered a European Spring.  Merkel with East Germany was reunited to West Germany and rose gradually to her leadership position.

However, when one considers the large picture that includes the MidEast, things were not so easy.  Most people probably did not care,  25 years ago, that the MidEast population growth rate was high as it is now, for one thing.  Why be concerned?  Perhaps N. Africans coming more and more into France and other places seemed normal or almost normal.  And Columbus’ discovery was 500 years past.

Eventually the high birthrate in Africa and the MidEast–coupled with their longtime weak political, religious, financial and educational decision-making–turned into a very severe scenario where the MidEast’s lack of water and their terrorist traditions multiplied and multiplied–due also to long Afghan wars, corruptions, the peculiar dynamics of rising China, and then the Western CO2 scare that is practically superstitious in character, masquerading as science.  But the world was vastly benefitting from the IT revolution; and so the birthrate plus limited water supplies plus the terrorism mix of the MidEast finally exploded upon the world in 2015-6.  A wake-up call of very vast proportions is now morphing into the French, Dutch and German elections of this spring and fall; what road to take?         -r, ashland, or


many us journalists working for cia


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