On a Mystery in Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Vast Opus

Your aura, the garment of God given to you, was designed to intensify His love.  Do not tear it, do not carelessly force it open, but as a swaddling garment of love and light keep it tightly woven around you….

Suppressing evil or driving it deep within, tucking it away as though you would thereby get rid of it, does not really do the trick, for all things ought to go to God for judgment–willingly, gladly and freely.         -Kuthumi:  Studies of the Human Aura, ix, x, 1971  hqdefault copy 3.jpg-KH by Schmiechen, 1884


On a Mystery in Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Vast Opus

  And every fair from fair sometimes declines/ By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;/  But thy eternal summer shall not fade/ Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;/  Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade             -Shakespeare:  Sonnet 18

A phrase from the pen of Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her 1999 book (Prophecy for the New Millennium) rather backs off from her previous own numerous written claims that of certainty there were ciphers–a la Dr. Owen and Wells-Gallup–in Shakespeare’s Folios.  Her 1999 amended phrase runs:  “Some even claim, based on ciphers embedded in the type(face) of the original printings of the Shakespearean Folios, that…”  That is in her chapter 11.

It seems to me that ECP wanted some tangible evidence from somewhere to back her own firm belief that Shakespeare was in fact a cipher for Francis Bacon.  The “inference for just one author of Shakespeare and Bacon works” which was very soundly, patiently and clearly put forward repeatedly in the 19th century by scholars–based upon the fact that hundreds of the very same words/phrases were used by both Shakespeare and Bacon–is hard to overlook reasonably.  Why was that discovery (not brought up at all by Owen or Wells-Gallup) nor pointed at by ECP?  Why, why, why go way way out on the Owen/Wells-Gallup far-fetched limb as evidence?

I have a theory; bear with me if you will.  It is this:  that Nicholas and Anne Bacon of the 1500s England reincarnated as Dr. Owen and Wells-Gallup of America, that deep within them they KNEW Shakespeare=Bacon by direct experience and close bond with Francis Bacon as his foster-parents back in the 1560s and 1570s, by vibration if you will.  However, I theorize, that this pulled so hard upon them in their American embodiment that their inner bond with Bacon would not let them rest–they sought to describe it somehow, hence their windy “revelations” which were quite fanciful but based upon I think a real fire within them.  And ECP related just that way too, one could say, beyond all human reason.

Another point–ECP a number of times detailed Bacon’s literary circle of initiates on a mission, named Knights of the Helmet (Athena’s).  What was ECP actually getting at if not the inner tie, the close bond, which of course ECP has certainly has and has long held dear to her great master.                 -R, 2-25-2017, Saturday evening, southern Oregon, USA

display-3315.jpg   images-1.jpeg -FB by Hilliard, 1578

maxresdefault.jpg4918384881_88b4ca3630_o.jpg-upper Sacramento River area, near Shasta

Now again the egg of Spring/ Come upon us on the wing…



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