The Sun-sword does not falter in the hand

-Emanuel Leutze, 1851:  Crossing the Delaware

 Emanuel Leutze.  Emanuel Leutze. -.jpg


0000166_queen-of-light-by-sindelar~2112AX_600.jpeg                         -Queen of Light by C. Sindelar

211.  However difficult the fiery path of Truth, service in vigilance permits no treason. The Sun-sword does not falter in the hand nor does the knee bend to untruth.  Thus must be understood the Teaching that brings with it the forging of a new life.  It says: “You have heard; you must understand that from this moment you have accepted responsibility for any distortion!”    -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

62.  The heart’s rhythm can be regarded as the rhythm of life.  The Teaching about the heart is as bright as the Sun, and the warmth of the heart speeds as swiftly as a sunbeam.  Everyone has wondered at the instantaneousness with which a ray of the rising Sun warms all things.  The heart can act likewise.      -M:  Heart 1932


The Martian A’s are the following:  aggression, anger, arrogance, argumentation, accusation, agitation, apathy, atheism, annihilation, aggravation, annoyance and aggressive mental suggestion….they are a perversion of everything our Father Alpha stands for.  By venting them through any of your four lower bodies (fiery ethereal memory, mental, emotional, physical bodies) or your chakras you can be the unwitting tool through which (wedge-like) they enter and poison the planetary stream of consciousness–to the degradation of every living soul.

An aggressive mental suggestion is a strong suggestion projected either from within or without the psyche that comes into your head and will not let you alone.  It does not originate in the mind of God nor is it native to the soul, but it can strongly influence the soul to take the left-handed path and to be pressured into making one wrong turn after another on the highway of life.  An aggressive mental suggestion will pound the brain and pound the brain and pound the brain until the brain is exhausted and it acquiesces to the erroneous suggestion projected by the sinister force….

Aggressive mental suggestion is subtle; its root is in the Serpent mind.  You must never let aggressive mental suggestion sit on you–deal with it immediately!  Call to Archangel Michael to plunge his sword of blue flame into its cause and core.  Then give unrelenting decrees to God and His hosts to deliver you               -Messengers Mark and E C Prophet:  The Path to Immortality, 2006, p. 200IMG_0163.JPG-Archangel Michael

IMG_1831.JPGin Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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