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McCain will saddle our military with inferior weapons and waste our military budget on useless things in exchange for cash in his pockets from defense contractors.  Lets rebuild our military with secret competitive bids and make the contractors pay for any cost over runs.

True, McShame need to be pulled out of the loop; the military contractors are lining his pockets, that’s how he gets re-elected
time after time.  I, for once simply refuse to believe that good
people of Arizona were stupid enough to sent this scurrilous
grifter for the sixth time to Senate, unless some major vote
fraud was committed.


Look, I agree that our military needs to be rebuilt.  However, I would not let John McCain near any spending mechanism.  I voted for McCain in 2008 because it was either him or Barack Obama.  But, McCain has shown himself not to be trustworthy or a good steward of taxpayers money.  Trump has put a good team together.  Let them handle the recommendations as to what they need and let congress budget the money necessary to get it done.

Excellent point.  Poach the Rinos.  McCain criminal record (Savings and Loan Scandal remember anyone..) flip-flop Liberal views “Compromise”, and the endless Pakistan love affair, all need to be paid for by REMOVING HIM.  I also once thought he was on the right side.. NOT.  He is a Rino poster-child.  So, right plan, just keep McCain away from the money.


A simple search can show you that John McCain is either dumb, or a dangerous man!…

If anyone “needs” McCain, he must be handled like a “useful idiot” and know he can turn and bite you anytime.


McCain sat on his hands while the VA system in the state of Arizona is in a shambles.   John it’s time for you to go and let the next generation fix all the things you ignored.

I contacted McCain’s office again about year ago.  took months for response.

  • after 2 weeks of no response I contactedthe Democrap person and had a phone call in a day.  now resolved.    still waiting for McCain’s office.    years ago McCain actually did something to help me as a disabled vet.    He is a joke


    McCain is hated in AZ.

    The only reason he wins AZ is because the ONLY other option you get on the ballot is a Marxist Leftist Radical.  McCain stinks, but he is always at least 50% improvement over the other options.  It’s TYPICAL U.S. politics, vote against the others, never for anyone good!

    John McCain needs to be recalled.  Please, if you live inside Arizona sign the recall petition. Please!

    • McCain is McStupid and you can have fries with that.  We’ve had enough of this democrat. Military yes!  McCain NO!!

      Where was McCain last year, and the year before, and the year before?  All of the sudden he is beating his chest, to show that he is doing something besides trying to destroy the “team”?  The puppet masters are getting hungry, and they are rousing their puppets!  Look behind the couch!!

      Many agree that the military should be funded and our troops increased – BUT where is McCain’s solution for the veterans who are suffering at the hands of the VA?  The VA hospital in Phoenix is still a hell-hole for those needing treatment.  Wait times are from 30 days to THREE HUNDRED DAYS for appointments.

      McCain is a disgrace when it comes to his own state.  He and Flake, the other AZ senator, only support the President-elect when it suits them and are two of the worst RINOs in the senate.

      WW3 would be McCain’s dream come true.  They need someone level headed in his position.


      I just wish McCain would go away.  I appreciate what he went through in Vietnam, but as a Senator he’s done more harm than good.  McCain Feingold is a great example, but there are many others.  Of course we need a stronger military, that’s part of the election cycle.  Democrats weaken the country and Republicans strengthen it.  When China attacks Taiwan or the Philippines we won’t be able to intervene without a very strong navy.  The same with Russia and the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

      Senator McCain had better shut up about his dislike of and lack of support for our new President.

      Better off spending the money on the Wall and immigration enforcement, much better off.   Mad John promised to push for the wall too, though that was a promise he never intended to keep.


      McCain has sat there for eight years and allowed Obama to reduce our military down to WWII levels (1929 level for the Navy).  Now that Trump has called for a large build up of our military, McCain comes out four days before the Inauguration and calls for a large build up of our military as if it was all his idea. I have lost all respect for the weasel.


      No point expanding the numbers of ships without some notion of how to man them, their escorts, squadrons and submarines.  Women refuse sea duty but take up 33% of the sea billets, 59% in shore-based aviation.

      The air force has a similar problem: a big shortage of fighter pilots.
      Air Force:  Service will be short 1,000 fighter pilots…


      The U.S economy needs more urgent attention than our military. No one appears to care anymore what John McCain thinks, which I think speaks to the intuitive good sense of the American people, who view John as something of a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” figure.


      McCain is trying to change the ‘McCain is neither honest nor trustworthy’ brand after trying to use an anti-Trump dossier which was discredited.
      McCain is the GOP’s answer to Chuck Shumer’s egocentric search for a microphone or camera.
      Truthful or not, if McCan thinks it will get him noticed (as he plays video poker on the Senate floor) or cover his many fumbles and errors (Syria, Libya… he’s a cheerleader for whatever gets him an interview) he will play that ‘video poker card’ to whatever media will listen.


      Your are correct.  McCain voted for the Obama ‘Sequester” which cut the military and here is John Boy driving the re-investment of our military.

      Which side of the fence are you on John?  Or does as your record reflects…depends on the day?

      The Establishment’s (including the Republican establishment) policy for the last several decades has been to send manufacturing and wealth to China enabling them to rise as a military power. Something wrong with this picture.

      Another wrong picture is all the tech company executives in California who outsourced their jobs to India and China voted for Hillary so whatever “republican establishment” you’re talking about doesn’t ring true at the moment.  Not to mention they all support having HB-1 visas to bring in cheaper labor.  Even the Disney company who is very liberal just laid off their entire I.T. Department to bring in HB-1 visa for cheaper labors.  On top of that University of San Francisco laid off their IT department in order to “save” money to pay their president an outrageous salary.  All of them I listed are Democrat Liberal establishment.  So something is wrong with this picture.


      Get the women out of combat units and stop DOD funded transgender surgery.

      McCain, Ryan, Graham need to all go.
      Term limits
      I didn’t vote for my US House GOP person, I wrote someone else.


      Did I miss the election of President John McCain?  McCain plans massive spending increase?  I prefer PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis first determining where money needs to be spent and trying to cut costs.  McCain and the other vultures in Congress care more about bringing defense spending, whether needed or not, home to their constituents. It id time to get the job done, building a strong military, on time and under budget.


      First off, I’d like to see U.S. naval warships Not be named after leftist pacifist who have only made our country weaker.  Any that already are, Change them. They should instill fear and respect in our allies and enemies alike.  Seeing the “USS Gabrielle Giffords” coming over the horizon does neither.
      Second, Stop the politically correct environmental Nonsense of paying 500%+ more for fuel by requiring the use of a certain percentage of “green bio-fuels” when kerosene will do nicely.

      Trump won on the republican ticket, but he’s more of an independent as far as congress is concerned.  Trump is going to have an uphill battle on everything,

      If Trump is rational, US defense spending will be but by at least 2/3.  Cancel the F-35, Cancel the LCS, Cancel the Ford Class Air Craft Carrier, Cancel the next two Zumwalts, Cancel the rest of the Virginia Class submarines and replace them with AIP boats, pull all soldiers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, and Europe.


      We’ve already given the Pentagon many hundreds of billions of dollars…and all they’ve done is blow it on wasteful garbage like:
      $4 billion (each) Zumwalt-class destroyers (leaky hull causes engines to short out, no ammo for guns because the ammo costs so much even the Navy cancelled them), Littoral Combat Ship patrol boats (LCS = “Little Chance of Survival”), and F-35’s (a jobs program that makes flying disasters that will kill many pilots).

      the military is just, welfare for lower middle class Americans. 800 billion dollars and we are 19 trillion in debt. someone needs to pull jackass to the side and tell him we are broke. Every time a new president comes in they spend all this money we don’t have. Trillion for infrastructure, one trillion for tax cuts, trillion for military, one trillion to fix obamacare.  When will it stop, when will get a president that says you know what.  We are going to balance the budget. They are always going to fix the economy by running up more debt.   Sad


      Article in Reuters in August in an interview of former Inspector General. said improper US Army accounting Army should have to account for what they already have gotten.  For sure $625 billion improperly accounted for in just ONE QUARTER of 2015. IG interviewed stated it may be as much as $2.81 TRILLION improperly accounted for even by DFAS who is in charge of US Army accounting.  The IG said fudged, made up numbers and .lack of or not keeping receipts.  YET ARMY CONSTANTLY STATING GOTTA’ HAVE EVERMORE MONEY. In any case a reaudit is scheduled for September 2017.


      Article in Reuters in August in an interview of former Inspector General. said improper US Army accounting Army should have to account for what they already have gotten. For sure $625 billion improperly accounted for in just ONE QUARTER of 2015. IG interviewed stated it may be as much as $2.81 TRILLION improperly accounted for even by DFAS who is in charge of US Army accounting. The IG said fudged, made up numbers and .lack of or not keeping receipts. YET ARMY CONSTANTLY STATING GOTTA’ HAVE EVERMORE MONEY. In any case a reaudit is scheduled for September 2017.

      McCain is nuts….we are not going to be fighting the Cold War in Europe.  We should be worried about defending the United States and our interests around the world.  It’s time Europe paid for their own defense…..and the Saudis did the same.  What is really needed is a top to bottom look and overhaul of spending priorities.

      More money has been spent on social welfare since the 1960’s than has been spent in all of the wars America has been involved in. About $22 trillion has bought the inner cities of today.

      War zones.

      Yea, let’s give more money to a bureaucracy that in it own audit showed it wasted billions of dollars then tried to hide the audit from the American people. The heads of the Pentagon should be in jail right next to the bankers.  But neither will ever go to jail.  Just a sailor who took a picture of his sub’s engine room.  More American men were killed in Ramadi, Iraq and Afghanistan because of the Pentagon’s rules of engagement then by enemy tactics.  All the money in the world won’t help men and women in combat until they replace these paper pushing political hacks in the pentagon with experienced combat officers.


      the problem is, from Vietnam forward, the military does not fight wars, the politicians do, with the military as proxy.  this gets our men and women killed. Let the military do what it does best, win wars. politics is for before the war, once you engage the troops, you are in it to win not intimidate or negotiate.


      Is McCain a Democrat or Republican or even Socialist?  He spends other people’s money like a socialist.


      Someone send McCain home please.  No spending increase until they kill the waste.  There is enough money wasted to pay for rebuilding our forces.

      The goal of globalist senators McCain etal;, well in order to achieve the goal of globalization the U.S. must have the capability of fighting three or more wars abroad. Some of those battles will exceed that of Afghanistan and Iraq – nations i.e., Russia and China with the capability to match ours if they were to form an alliance.  Plus it is much more difficult to win a war when you are clearly the aggressor.

      Personally, I am against the globalization folks in Washington. This is why they are having such a fit over Russia and Trump.


      2-18-17       Angela Merkel renewed a call for Islamic religious authorities to speak “clear words on the demarcation of peaceful Islam and terrorism in the name of Islam.”  Germany, under increasing pressure by US leaders to increase its military spending, would do “everything possible” to meet a NATO target for spending 2 percent of economic output on defense by 2024, Merkel told the conference.


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