this immaculate concept of triumph locked within the heart and soul

I say then in the name of Almighty God, the great accomplishment of the Lord Christ in the resurrection is today desecrated by those who proclaim it on one hand as a feast of holy days and yet throughout the balance of the year ignore the wonders of this immaculate concept of triumph locked within the heart and soul of man as God made him….

Let us determine that a renaissance of spiritual culture and of the treasures of the heart shall flourish in this land of America and be spread throughout the world as never before.  Value and sense of value ought to be reconsidered until by application to the divine pattern the unfolding of cosmic possibility is recognized and the scale of cosmic values is understood by men and women who today are bound in a round of mortal circumstance and conscription….

Try to understand, beloved ones, that no matter what has been the Lord God liveth and His Spirit breatheth out energy upon the world daily.  The conversion of this energy and its appropriation in right channels will make the golden age of wonder and cosmic beauty possible now–and the entering in to that golden age through the utilization of modern technology to spread abroad the sacred Word from on high throughout the land and throughout all lands.  This great achievement shall come about as a natural generosity from the hearts of the people….

In the larger sense then It must be understood that it is the people themselves who are seated in the position of their delegates (at the United Nations); the acceptance of these people and their delegates is tantamount to providing a forum for good will or ill, as the case may be, for  all mankind.  Better far that these sentiments be expressed in words and a possible solution be sought than for these forces–which will act anyway–to continue unabated until they erupt as a destructive storm of mortal combat.

Let us then again and again resolve to understand that mortal politics in all of its delusory activities are often penetrated by a shaft of the sunlight of God’s own wisdom.  It is the human acceptance–or non-acceptance of divine ideals–that creates the sometimes unwholesome aspects of mortal organization.  Even chaos may express a relative state of order….You cannot say to the world “You must paddle your own canoe.”…

I AM for a renewed resurrection Spirit that sweeps the years right through and is Liberty in action!              images.jpeg-Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:13


Development of communications worldwide should not be made into a scheme, a doorway, a system to propagandize and to manipulate the whole world and all living things.

Breakthroughs in technology require continued thoughtfulness and care in how to rightly direct and coordinate life in the common good, in the evolutionary advance, in the well-being at various levels.  What we often see though is a wild rush to grab benefits rather than a more wholistic approach that appreciates the two-way mode of life, the so-called “give and take.”  Actually “to take” should convey other than “to grab”–it should mean to mankind the opportunity to partake, to participate, and to begin to coordinate with and in the vast life.  But local time/space situations tend to be emphasized until a person gains some perspective and wisdom.  “Here and now” in reality is more than just one’s temporary local time/space situation–it’s more a reminder to center oneself.

  The word “January” derives from “Janus” which is the Roman expression for doorway or gateway–exits and entrances, one could say, or even give and take.  We take a path, we take some time–that means we select something.  Balancing this “taking” is that we also should be able to generate something out of all our getting, we should be able to offer something back better than trivia, falsity, self-defeat, boredom, fear, vanity, selfishness, pettiness, scheming.

“In 2014, global sea level was 2.6 inches above the 1993 average–the highest annual average in the satellite record (1993-present).  Sea level continues to rise at a rate of about one-eighth of an inch per year.”

Sea levels are a case globally of give and take which extend across many millions of years.  We are not now in a particularly radical era in terms of the sea level nor is the rate of rise very radical in terms of the overall planetary history.  But if we are not using wholistic approach then it is possible to exaggerate some facet of the planetary picture and even to manipulate peoples’ minds about some facet or other.  About 40% of US population is in coastal areas, but one-eighth of an inch/year rise of sea level is not an emergency, rationally speaking.  Such claims of “emergency!” in this area are abusive of planetary communications/consciousness.  One-eighth of an inch/year fall of sea level likewise is not an emergency, rationally speaking.  Adaptation is what the planet and its lifeforms do.        -r, ashland, oregon

………….IMG_4520.JPGIMG_4521.JPGIMG_4525.JPGIMG_4523.JPGIMG_4527.JPGIMG_4528.JPGFeb. 10 dawn at Ashland, OregonC20ShwjUUAA5oX1.jpg-Harbin, China 2014 snow/ice festival

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