how far the poison and malice of Antichrist has spread into the world

The puppeteers and manipulators of the world who wield temporal power are seeking to beat the Earth into submission and to remove the blessings of freedom from mankind.  Now therefore we speak to those who have retreated into caves of the personal self and to those who have sought salvation and survival for the personal self.  Hear this and understand that there must be a valiant concerted effort by the many on behalf of freedom or freedom will perish temporarily from the face of the Earth!…

Little do many realize how far the poison and malice of Antichrist has spread into the world.  This spirit has–in the name of pleasure, sophistication, intellectualism and the affluent society–sought to weld people together to protect their ant enterprises.  Thus one can understand how like a colony of ants they myopically overlook the fact that in attempting to destroy virtue in others or in society they will ultimately destroy the foundations of their own world….

Somehow when we warn of impending danger there is always the problem that individuals suspect that we cry “wolf! wolf!” when there is no wolf.  In the name of Almighty God, beloved people, take a look at what is happening in the world!  Prayer has been forbidden in the public schools by the Supreme Court of the United States.  The world is half slave and half free and even in the countries of freedom there are forms of economic slavery and addiction to banal habits, to selfishness, to the exploitation of the ego by the ego and unnecessary perpetuation of old hatreds both religious snd secular.  The use of drugs in the high schools as well as on the college campuses has risen to dangerous levels.  The media of the world have continually exploited mankind in the incorrect use of sex energy.  Racial violence flourishes and the politicians of many lands tremble in fear to make sane decisions on behalf of law and order.          ElMorya22.jpg -Morya:  letter from Darjeeling of 2-18-1969


One’s birth sign should be taken as one’s opportunity to gain self-mastery over all conditions opposing the universal services of the hierarchy in command.  No matter what tests he is facing the son of God always remembers to see each test in the perspective of the line of his birth, for therein he discovers the secrets of his destiny and the mysteries of his overcoming.  Under the tutelage of these great hierarchs he learns to see the universe and all creation through the lens of their consciousness.  As each successive embodiment affords another view and another opportunity he gradually magnetizes the perspective and the potential of the entire sphere of God’s consciousness         -Messengers M and E C Prophet:  The Path to Attainment, 2008, p. 145Christopher Columbus Statue close-up.jpg-C. Columbus statue headed for a Pepperdine campus in Italy

IMG_4488.JPG-Bear Creek, southern Oregon

IMG_4495.JPG-Emigrant Lake

IMG_4490.JPG-southern Oregon Cascades

IMG_4494.JPG-Siskiyou hills

IMG_4499.JPGinlet of Emigrant Lake


Author Leo Hoffmann pointed out the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development essentially affirms the right of any impoverished person in a Third World country to migrate to a wealthier country and receive a warm welcome, complete with “affordable” benefits.  In fact the U.N. has made international migration a key part of its 2030 agenda.

“What the U.N. is really after is a massive global redistribution of wealth plan, and they accomplish this basically through two methods,” Hohmann said.  “And these are the exact same methods that Trump has hit upon:  it’s trade and immigration.”

He said the U.N. plans to redistribute wealth from the First World to the Third World partly through secretive trade deals that globalist presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama willingly signed onto.  These deals have the effect of outsourcing jobs from the U.S. to various Third World countries.



Iran: The Most Active State Sponsor of Terrorism

The U.S. government classifies the Islamic Republic of Iran as the “most active state sponsor of terrorism.”  The U.S. has designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1984.

What is state-sponsored terrorism?

State-sponsored terrorism is a state’s deliberate use of terrorism or assistance to terrorist organizations as a foreign policy tool against other countries or groups of people   It can refer to either direct attacks by the state or support of terrorist organizations through the provision of weapons, funds, training, and sanctuary.

Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism by Iran:

Since the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979, one of the defining hallmarks of the Iranian regime has been its habitual use of terrorism against the United States and its allies throughout the world and its ties to terrorist organizations.  In addition to carrying out direct attacks, Iran has committed terrorism by proxy through HezbollahHamas, the Taliban, militias in Iraq, and a plethora of other terrorist groups.  Iran has a long history of terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Israel, mainly through bombings, abductions, and hijackings.  Iranian dissidents and opposition leaders living in exile have also been subject to assassination.


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