Have you not heard the trumpets of Luxor?

Have you not heard the trumpets of Luxor, the angel choirs singing the victory, the triumphal  march, the march of your triumph?…I give to you to drink, to quaff, substance of ascension’s flame that you might taste the glory of victory and never forget that taste, that you might pursue it unto the end against all odds, against all adversaries of the carnal mind posing as everything else but the carnal mind….

I say then, God-mastery is the requirement and God-obedience.  You must have dominion over death in order to inherit immortal life.  You must transmute the planetary death consciousness.  Death that has come out of Egypt as the perversion of the ascension spiral in the Great Pyramid must be consumed now, ahead of time, before you face death.  Before death comes knocking at the door, that is the time to consume it in the flame of the ascension current.  Be Life!  Walk the earth in Life–immortal life!  And the crossing of the bar will come to you so gently that it will seem as though it never occurred, for you will be translated as Enoch was translated….Make it your mark!  Make it your high calling!  And brook no interference, and you shall win, you shall triumph!  For I, Serapis, plant my scepter this day in the right hand of the Mother–the authority of the ascension current.  And so this is preparatory for the hour of the planetary body itself….

For you must be given the vision; you must have the vision and the authority to claim that vision, and so it comes to you this day.  Drink in the great draft of immortality and be reborn, for this is the hour of the rebirth!  I say and I proclaim it:  you are born again!  You are born again!  You are born again to inherit immortal life!

The ascended masters who have comprised the four sides of the cube (planted in the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral at Colorado Springs) are rising now, rising into the atmosphere, but they leave the pattern of the cube.  And their energies pass through the four quadrants (fire, air, water and earth) of the Earth, and in each quadrant they anchor the joy of victory, the great happiness which is the reward of obedience in the flame.  I, Serapis have called!  My call compels an answer!                -Serapis Bey:  4-19-1973 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs  (illustration by Norman Thomas Miller)  Serapis-Bey-Nada-Facebook-Shared-link-photo-1024x512.jpg


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