the wheel of cooperation

The Aquarian age is intended to be an age of absolute cooperation between God and the ascended masters, the ascended masters and man, and between  people everywhere.  The symbol of Aquarius–a waterbearer with balanced urns–reveals harmonious service and bountiful supply.  This rhythmic spirit of cooperation must be the basis of every relationship, replacing outworn selfishness.      Unknown.jpeg-Chananda:  Pearls of Wisdom 5:6


298, 361.  Experience directs the eye into the distance and the near is veiled….Not hope but work directs the builders. The purity of the tuning fork will overcome the disharmonious coarseness produced by human weakness.       –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

120, 327, 441, 468.  Only one with a clear and infallible understanding of what is immutable can be a co-worker in the world process….Naturally knowledge of the Spirit directs one toward a certain current, according to the rays under which one is born….Our Teaching directs one towards seeing man as an integral part of nature….The Teacher directs the flow of consciousness. The pupil may not even notice the touches of the Teacher. Thus everyone should enter the domain of the Teaching as into life, unwaveringly.  But for this purpose one has to read the Teaching repeatedly while in different states of spirit.        -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

134, 162, 319, 324. Cosmic attraction directs most clearly the movement toward evolution….The great law has so many active magnets! And there, where the needle turns to indicate the direction, the striving spirit directs itself….When a country destroys patterns which are laid into the foundation of evolution, the design directs that which is being destructive toward reorganization. …When the flaming agni yogi directs the fiery striving toward the accomplishment of the mission, it may be said that the entire Cosmic Might is cooperating with him.      -M:  Infinity 1, 1930

356, 357.  The creative principle directs the currents of Fire and propels the energies….The power of the intensity directs the seeds of the monads and all the energies toward the creativeness of Fire.  When the immutable law prevails in the vortex, the striving of the energies obeys this law.      -M:  Infinity 1, 1930

28, 76, 230.  The most fiery torch directs humanity to the assimilation of the affirmation of the spiritual fire. The creativeness of these torches intensifies the thought in a spatial scope….The invisible process of life is directed by the fire of spirit. Immutable is the law of fiery creativeness; in it all manifestations are contained, and it carries in itself all creative possibilities….Only an intense bearer of the general good directs the fires to achievement.    -M:  Infinity 2, 1930

450. The realization of the immutability of the plan directs each trend of thought to Truth.   -M:  Hierarchy 1931

383.  The Teacher directs the currents, but the heart of the Teacher himself is sometimes in need of a cohesive substance; then the disciple’s energy has a special significance.  The Teacher must be very grateful when the purified energy of the pupil ascends in a powerful spiral.  This is called the wheel of cooperation.       -M:  Heart 1932   IMG_1819.JPGin Prayer and Meditation, 1978



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