The perfection of the Presence can never manifest until the outer self stands aside

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As beads on a string one by one the divine concepts are released.  The soul must be content to play hide-and-seek with God, to engage in the game of discovery….If human perceptions were to become aware at a given moment of all that God could or would do, they might mar the purity of the divine matrix with their imperfect patterns.  Therefore not only out of mercy but also out of wisdom and inner strength has He kept from the carnal mind the full perception of the beautiful reality He would one day bring forth in the life of the individual….God is also wont to shelter from mortal view the good, the pure and the beautiful….

The perfection of the Presence of God is a reality for every man but it can never manifest until the outer self stands aside and permits it to do so.  Does it seem strange that the beauty and perfection of the Infinite One should be obscured not only by divine decree but also by outer conditions?  Nevertheless this is cosmic Law as it applies to the three-dimensional world, and its purpose is the sealing of the perfection of the Presence from the prying eyes of the human until that human becomes divine….

The individual must learn to listen to the voice of God, for through the years some have heard voices that were not His, and they have been turned from the true path by psychic impostors who have sought to separate the brethren by claiming the exclusiveness of this or that master or organization….But how do you you know, how can you discern when they are acting?  This is the question.  Well, beloved ones, the truth of being is of necessity within, and its high standards are known by the soul….Above all, find peace in the understanding that all that unites with the fruits of cosmic endeavor is of God and all that divides the body of God into compartments of mortal density is of the dark powers.  Certainly to maintain an eagle eye of discrimination is not wrong.                                                    display-3315.jpg-Pallas Athena:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:46        -Statue of Athena wearing a Corinthian helmet, the aegis and Gorgoneion (detail), c. 180­-190 CE; now at Frankfurt am Main.

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I therefore, Saint Germain, assign to your heart, to the head of every household, to the mother and even to the child my angels who will warn and direct you personally, Keepers of the Flame.  These are sent to those loyal to God who have become a part of this fraternity that I have long desired to see in every nation.  Beloved ones, angels may knock but you may not hear if you are surfeited in noise, if you allow yourselves to be tossed and tumbled by responsibilities or interruptions.  Therefore listen….

For a thousand angels cannot alert you to your destiny if you are not tuned in, if you are not listening.  Let your aura be an electromagnetic field of the seventh ray, for in the seventh ray  violet flame is the alchemy of communication between octaves.  Let your aura be sealed by the tube of light and the action of Archangel Michael.  Let your receptivity be pure because your heart is pure.  Inordinate desire for money or things or other distractions clouds the reasoning of the Logos within you.      -Saint Germain:  11-27-1986, Thanksgiving, at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophetmaxresdefault.jpg


Beloved ones, we can only act upon that which is written.  And how is it written?  It is written by the pen of your action (in the divine plan) which is mightier than the sword.       -El Morya:  7-2-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet


The Law plus you plus karma and dharma equals the divine plan manifest as circumstance in time and space….For every child of the light, for every chela of the Law there is a divine way; but there is always the human alternative….

You can meditate upon your divine plan by visualizing a white sphere before you, approximately two feet in diameter, this sphere is the symbol of your own cosmic consciousness which you contact in meditation.

Now address the Lords of Life, saying, “In the name of my own real Self–the I AM THAT I AM–and the Christed one of my being I call forth from the reservoir of my cosmic consciousness the divine plan of my life, the blueprint of my being.  I call to the Lords of Life, to the Great Divine Director and to Saint Germain to assist me now in the implementation of the Law of cosmos as it applies to my individual identity, to my karma and my dharma, and to the circumstances of my life in time and space.”     -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 18:32            Sergey.jpg-Sergius by V. Vasnetsov, 1882StGermain03Grand.jpg-photo said to have manifested into hand of Guy Ballard

presence.jpg-chart of I AM Presence and tube of light

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