The star is the diamond in the mind of God that breaks up


IMG_4419.JPG  “We have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him” was no idle statement of a fleeting moment but the promise of a radiance that would span eternity, that is with men now, and requires but the opening of the door of the heart to do its perfect work.  The star is the diamond in the mind of God that breaks up the hardness of men’s hearts, that challenges the strife that sets brother against brother and the wiles of idle minds that turn to the machinations of darkness where there is gnashing of teeth and the viciousness of condemnation and judgment….

The ancient words “I AM thy shield and thy exceeding great reward” (Gen. 15:1) correlate the soul to its cosmic origin.  The beginning and ending of a cycle is but a ring lost in the maze of rings worlds without end, promising to those who do well a Spirit of Consonance, of harmonious involvement with the Creator of good things….

Your life is not your own, it is bought with a price; and the price of the diamonds shining in all of their radiance of the beautiful electrons that compose the being of man, captive to his will but for a moment as they pass through the nexus of his consciousness–the price is simply obedience to His Will.  The geometric dance of the electrons should signify to all that man is a universe within a universe, that within the self of each individual is the key that unlocks the great macrocosmic door of communal reality where man and God merge as the little ray of the finite self identifies with the greater radiance of the Cosmic Self….

Midst the whirl of bustling endeavor everywhere in the world, so much at cross-purposes, so much that brings swift retribution to man, we call for a shortening of the travail by the fiat of obedience to the Will of God….If men were to shatter in the world of form the matrix of Almighty God, the very stones would themselves unite in one universal order even as the capstone of Life would lower itself upon the pyramid of rising identity….

Together we shall build a temple to the stars.  The divine manchild shall appear; the Divine Mother shall succor the young child.  The red dragon shall seek to destroy, but the earth–signifying the power of the Holy Sprit in nature–shall rise to defend the Woman with every angel and archangel, with every deva and every soul in whom the divine flame burns, to say: “His Will is our own and we will abide in it.”

The Great White Brotherhood saluteth you.  May the power to weld the fragments of humanity into a body of God-magnificence dwell in you always in the name of the living Christ, the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.         ElMorya22.jpg  -El Morya of the Will of God:  approaching winter solstice 1969, the Near East, via Messenger Mark Prophet        (portrait by H. Schmiechen, 1884)



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