exchange paper for gold; Guiliani and WTC7

You cannot exchange paper for gold–a paper that is not backed–and think that you come out in a balance.  There is no balance.  And this deception—partly because of ignorance and partly because of the manipulation of your president by the fallen ones–is creating crisis after crisis.  When the head of state of this nation fails utterly to challenge these fallen ones who enslave peoples in the nations of the Earth there is a dropping of the torch of freedom and a great karma accrues to the people.    Unknown-1.jpeg -Gautama Buddha:  4-23-1978 at NYC via Messenger E C Prophet

IMG_1836.JPG-Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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May 2014               The one major tenant of WTC7 was Salomon Smith Barney (SSB), the company that occupied 37 of the 47 floors in WTC7.  A little discussed fact is that Rumsfeld was the chairman of the SSB advisory board….In any event, it is clear that covert operatives had access to WTC7.  Through the Secret Service, the DOD and a secret office of the CIA, the building provided access to many such people.  Additionally, electronic security for the WTC complex was contracted out to Stratesec, ….under Wirt Walker, the son of a CIA employee,  (and operations chief Barry McDaniel)….

Amazingly, explosives and terrorism were planned topics of discussion at WTC7 on the day of the attacks.  There was a meeting scheduled at WTC7 for the morning of 9/11 that included explosive disposal units from the U.S. military.  The Demolition Ordnance Disposal Team from the Army’s Fort Monmouth just happened to be invited there that morning to meet with the building’s owner, Larry Silverstein.  They were “reportedly planning to hold a meeting at 7 World Trade Center to discuss terrorism prevention efforts.”  The meeting was set for eight o’clock in the morning on 9/11 but was canceled with the excuse that one of Silverstein’s executives could not make it….

Fort Monmouth personnel were preparing for an exercise called Timely Alert II on the day of 9/11.  This was a disaster drill focused on response to a terrorist attack and included law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel.  The drill simply changed to an actual response as the attacks began.

Fort Monmouth, located in New Jersey just 49 miles away from the WTC complex, was home to several units of the Army Materiel Command (AMC).  Coincidentally, Stratesec’s Barry McDaniel had led AMC a decade earlier.  McDaniel had an interesting past and, after 9/11, became business partners with one of Dick Cheney’s closest colleagues.

The Fort Monmouth response on 9/11 included the explosives unit and the Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).  As the drill was converted to an actual response, teams of CECOM experts were deployed to locate cell phone transmissions in the pile at Ground Zero.  The remainder of the base’s explosive ordnance company was there by the afternoon of 9/11 and stayed for three days in order to, among other things, help authorities look for any possible explosives in the debris.

The explosive disposal/terrorism meeting was not just a request of Larry Silverstein, however, but was actually organized by the Secret Service field office.  The U.S. Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal Mobile Unit 6 had also been invited to WTC 7 that morning.  As they arrived, the planes began to strike the towers….

Rumsfeld’s long-time business associate Peter Janson ran AMEC Construction, a company hired to clean-up the debris at the WTC complex (after having renovated the exact area where Flight 77 was said to have hit the Pentagon).     -Kevin Ryan


11-26-16         Rudy-400x358.jpg-Rudolph W. Giuliani was born an only child in 1944.  Rudy’s father, Harold Giuliani (alias Joseph Starrett), was a convicted hold-up man who served time in Sing Sing prison and was later employed as an enforcer for a Mafia loan shark operation.  Rudy’s uncle (his mother’s brother), Leo D’Avanzo, ran a loan-sharking and gambling operation with Jimmy Dano, “who was a made man.”[2] Additionally, Rudy’s cousin Lewis D’Avanzo “was a stone cold gangster who was shot to death in 1977 by FBI agents when he tried to run them down with his car.”[3]   Of course, the sins of his father and his uncle and his cousin should not be used to judge Rudy himself….

Giuliani was appointed U.S. Attorney for SDNY in 1983.  It was in this position that he first gained national prominence by prosecuting high-profile cases, including those of Wall Street figures Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken.  As the U.S. attorney for the SDNY, from 1983 to 1989, Giuliani was not only handling drug and organized crime cases he was in charge of representing the Federal Reserve Bank in its enforcement actions against the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).  These actions led to a RICO plea agreement and forfeiture of BCCI’s United States assets, valued at $550 million.[9]  It was reported that Giuliani received documents during this time, about secret bank accounts related to terrorist financing that were held by companies like Citibank, Barclays, Credit Lyonnais, and the Japanese company Nomura.[10]

During Giuliani’s tenure at the Department of Justice in the 1980s, Kamal Adham and other high-level Saudis behind BCCI were allowed to gain control of several American financial institutions. BCCI was subsequently allowed to continue funding terrorism, without being prosecuted, for many years.[11]

Giuliani remained in the U.S. attorney position until January 1989, resigning at the end of the Reagan Administration.  He then joined the law firm White & Case in NYC as a partner.

While working at White & Case, Giuliani ran for mayor of NYC in the 1989 election.  In that failed campaign, it was revealed that Giuliani’s firm represented the Panamanian dictator and colleague of President George H.W. Bush, Manuel Noriega. Author Russ Baker stated that Bush, “as Ford’s CIA director and then as Reagan’s vice president, had fostered a relationship with the notorious drug trafficker [Noriega] during the seventies and eighties, even keeping him on the payroll at more than a hundred thousand dollars a year.”[12]

At the time, White & Case also had an office in Saudi Arabia.  What is less well reported is that Giuliani’s firm represented not only Manuel Noriega but also represented BCCI, which was funded by powerful royals in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.[13]  This should be of concern considering that “BCCI was the mother and father of terrorist financing operations.”[14]

Another fact of concern is that Giuliani’s reputation for being tough on crime was a false front.  He actually did such a poor job in his prosecutions that many of his major convictions were later overturned.[15]  The question of whether he was purposely placed in that position to undermine such cases, and thereby provide a door out for some of the accused, must be considered.  His primary activities at the time included “publicly handcuffing mob bosses and business leaders on trumped up charges only to quietly drop the charges later,” demonstrating that, for his own part, Rudy was in it for the publicity.[16]…

During the five-month cleanup effort, there were unprecedented measures taken to control access to the site. The site was restricted, and photographs were banned, by order of Rudy Giuliani.[42]…   Under Peter Janson’s leadership, AMEC had just completed a $258 million refurbishment of Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, exactly where AA Flight 77 impacted the building.[45]

Despite the effort to rapidly dispose of the steel and sell it a bargain price, the WTC debris was considered highly sensitive.  At first the trucks were tracked using a paper-based system, and later GPS devices were fixed to each truck with “antennas to monitor location, cellular wireless antennas to communicate, and multiple I/Os to track vehicle signals from engine systems.”[46]  Apparently it was important for officials to know not only where the trucks were at any given time, but also the status of the engine.  As for the barges, the process was setup “in record time,” in order to “transport debris to the city’s Fresh Kills landfill and to recycling sites, all scrutinized by the Corps of Engineers.”[47]…U.S. authorities claimed to have had no knowledge of or ability to stop the 9/11 attacks yet the FBI was able to identify all nineteen alleged hijackers within 72 hours.[50]…

In the days following 9/11, Giuliani downplayed the health effects of the air in the areas surrounding Ground Zero.  He said, in the first month after the attacks, “The air quality is safe and acceptable.”[51]  That was not the case and thousands of first responders have paid for such false claims with their health and their lives.    -Kevin Ryan

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