The best remedy, the best weapon is your understanding of our care

376.  The best remedy, the best weapon is your understanding of our care. Affirmed in union with us you will proceed invincibly.  Displaying the example of achievement you will grow to the stature of giants.    –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

III, iv, 13.  Invisible slayings are incomparably more numerous than the bloody ones.  Out of hatred, out of ignorance, out of fear men implant poisoned arrows, the force of which is great.  One of the best means of defense is the concept of an occult circle.  But the best remedy must be taken according to exact indications.      –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

214.  It should be remembered that not only for illumination but also for healing is materia lucida irreplaceable.  It will be the best remedy for calming the nerves, for it is a bridge between the psychic energy of humanity and cosmic energy, the reservoir of which is inexhaustible.           -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

96, 255.  Not only in developed sicknesses but at their inception is the cure through the heart especially potent.  At present this remedy is almost forgotten, but it is no less powerful than a blood transfusion, for through the reaction of the heart the finest energy is transmitted without the unpleasant low admixture of blood.  When one thinks about the process of perfectionment one must not forget solicitude for the heart that gives….

You know that the living fire is the most disinfectant remedy, but the nature of fire is the same in all manifestations.  The fire of the heart will be a high manifestation of fire; this means that this fire will be the best purifier and protector.  Therefore instead of various dubious and often poisonous antiseptic prescriptions it is much better not only to have the fire of the hearth but also to kindle the fires of the heart.     -M:   Heart 1932ElMorya22.jpg by H. Schmiechen, 1884


And one day I will take  point by point and page by page of the effects of your taking your stand for freedom….I will return again so that you can have those up-to-the-minute news reports from the Darjeeling Council–more valuable than those which are given over the media today, valuable in that they present to you the equation of light and darkness and what is happening on the battlefield of light….

We stand for the people, we stand for their opportunity to know the truth, to be enlightened, to contact God and to experience the great joy of the science of the spoken Word.  Now let my word go forth to all devotees of light, and let all devotees of light go forth into the action of love.                    -Saint Germain:  11-20-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger E C ProphetIMG_1123.JPGby C. Sindelar, 1930s

IMG_0492.JPGIMG_0089fx (1).jpg  HoarFrost.jpg


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