True elegance of the Spirit is every man’s portion

True elegance of the Spirit, the gift of divine grace, is every man’s portion….We come with tenderness now to evoke ancient memory in the minds of the many who are devoted to keeping the flame of the sacred light of soul relationship to the Father-Source both active and directive in all lesser affairs….

Crown then thy being with awareness of His reality and make that reality thine own.  For only in so doing can the counsels of God become more real to thee than the strident voices of mankind who shout not so much that they might be heard as to drown out the still small voice of conscience and of eternal utterance (1Kings 19:11) which has been placed within them, whether they know it or not. …

Thine is not the portion of the beggar’s son but of the prince come to awareness to claim the treasure that is thine now and has been always thine.       Unknown-1.jpeg    -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:44


IMG_6806.JPG-Central Point, Oregon

IMG_3855.JPG-Lake Siskiyou



IMG_0926.JPGIMG_0089fx (1).jpgIMG_2583.JPG


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