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On Sept. 11, Craig Trykowski, a laborer for Henegan Construction Co. in New York City for the past two years, was working with 75 tradespersons and colleagues on interior construction for Lehman Brothers on the 34th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center.  He had been working at the WTC for a little over three months.  “The job was going well,” he says.  It was a few minutes before 9:00 a.m.

“I was trying to clear the area of sheetrock and other stuff and just as I was filling the dumpster, the whole building shook.  It swayed back and forth.  We saw debris flying and then there was an explosion,” he says.  “I thought at first it was an earthquake.”

What Trykowski and the thousands of other people working in the building didn’t yet know was that an American Airlines jet, Flight 11, which left from Boston for Los Angeles, had been hijacked, diverted to New York and driven into the tower.  It would eventually cause the collapse of the building a little more than two hours later,

“We hit the stairwell; it was a mass panic.”  They headed down the stairs under seemingly normal conditions but when they got to about the 20th floor, a strong gas smell hit them and by the 17th floor the water pipes had broken and people were tripping on the stairs. “We didn’t know what the gas smell was; I told people to put their hands over their mouths,” he says.  “When we got down was when we saw the smoke.  All the glass was blown out in the building.”  …

Jimmy Loughran, an electrician from Kildress in County Tyrone, was working in the 34th floor of the North Tower when the hijacked plane struck.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, he described bodies lying all around as he fled the building.  “The whole building began to sway about six of seven feet each way. It was like being rocked around in a boat,” he said.


what floor was Lehman Brothers really on?

Lehman Brothers 45,100 sq. feet   floors 38-40

The list of tenants shows no company on 34th floor of north tower!


Image result for willy rodriguez 9118-10-2011     A few weeks prior to the WTC attacks Willy Rodriguez was working in a stairwell on the 34th floor (north tower), which he knew to be completely vacant.  Suddenly, he heard the strangest sound–one he’d never heard inside the tower in his nearly twenty years there.

It was a powerful, ominous, “rumbling” sound of something extremely heavy being rolled about.  It sounded like a “huge metal dumpster on steel wheels, containing something extremely heavy–tons–being rolled around” a floor that he knew to have been totally empty–devoid even of furniture.  Yet, Rodriguez categorically maintains there was “someone” on that floor moving some monstrous contraption about.

Oddly, he admits to having been gripped by intense fear at the time, but he was having difficulty verbalizing to me the exact nature of his apprehension.  While this didn’t strike me as having been a particularly inauspicious occurrence, it was clear he had been deeply affected by it.  He immediately reported the incident to the main office, but was reassured it was a vacant floor.

Rodriguez was emphatic that he felt so frightened by this incident he didn’t dare open the door to look inside because he literally feared for his life.  He intuitively sensed grave danger behind that door and did his best to avoid the 34th floor thereafter.

[NB: It is worth considering that long-term occupancy (and thus control) of a whole floor would have granted occupants virtually unlimited and unobstructed access from all sides to the entire 47-column central core of the tower via the elevator shafts.  By sequentially disabling individual elevators for ‘servicing,’ the occupants would have had clear access to the entire 1,350-ft central load-bearing core–from the topmost floor right down the 6th level basement sitting on bedrock.]


9-14-09    Moreover, a scientist who formerly worked for NIST has reported that it has been “fully hijacked from the scientific into the political realm,” with the result that scientists working for NIST “lost [their] scientific independence, and became little more than ‘hired guns.’”11  Referring in particular to NIST’s work on the World Trade Center, he said everything had to be approved by the Department of Commerce, the National Security Agency, and the Office of Management and Budget–“an arm of the Executive Office of the President,” which “had a policy person specifically delegated to provide oversight on [NIST’s] work.” [12]   …

The RJ Lee study also found that temperatures had been reached “at which lead would have undergone vaporization” [23] – meaning 1,749°C (3,180°F). [24]

Another study was carried out by the US Geological Survey, the purpose of which was to aid the “identification of WTC dust components.”  Besides also finding iron particles, the scientists involved in this study found that molybdenum had been melted.  This finding was especially significant, because this metal does not melt until it reaches 2,623°C (4,753°F). [25]

NIST, however, did not mention either of these studies, even though the latter one was carried out by another US government agency.

11, 12. “NIST Whistleblower,” October 1, 2007 (

23.  RJ Lee Group, “WTC Dust Signature Study” (2003), p. 21.        24, 25. WebElements: The Periodic Table on the Web (  Although the scientists involved with this USGS study discovered the molybdenum, they did not mention it in their report.  Knowledge of their discovery was obtained only by means of a FOIA request. See The Mysterious Collapse, pp. 44-45.


As seen in this revealing photo, the Twin Towers’ destruction exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosives:

  1. Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration
  2. Improbable symmetry of debris distribution
  3. Extremely rapid onset of destruction
  4. Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes
  5. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally
  6. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
  7. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
  8. 1200-foot-diameter debris field: no “pancaked” floors found
  9. Isolated explosive ejections 20–40 stories below demolition front
  10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame
  11. Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises
  12. Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples
  13. Evidence of explosives found in dust samples

The three high-rises exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

  1. Slow onset with large visible deformations
  2. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)
  3. Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel
  4. High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer-lasting fires have never collapsed          


16.  A group of Engine 7 firemen in the documentary ‘911 – the filmmakers’:  Fireman one: “We made it at least two blocks and we started running.  Floor by floor it started popping out.”  Fireman two, Captain Dennis Tardio: (makes sound and hand gestures to show how the floors popped out)  “It is if they had detonators…”  Fireman one: “Yeah! detonators…”  Fireman two: “It is if they had planned to take down the building: boom, boom, boom, boom!”  Fireman one: “Yeah, detonators, all the way down.  I was watching it and running.”

17.  Man in a New York Fire Department uniform states (Youtube): “… [We got?] so many people out, but then there were secondary explosions, and then the subsequent collapses.” (talks very fast and the first part is somewhat hard to hear)

18.  2002, Dennis Smith (Firehouse Magazine founding editor ), ‘Report from Ground Zero: The Story of the Rescue Efforts at the World Trade Center’, p. 18 (report of firefighter Dennis Tardio): “I hear an explosion and I look up.  It is as if the building is being imploded, from the top floor down, one after another, boom, boom, boom.”

19.  2002, Cathy Trost and Alicia C. Shepard, foreword by Tom Brokaw, ‘Running Toward Danger – Stories Behind the Breaking News of 9/11’, p. 87: “John Bussey | Foreign Editor, The Wall Street Journal: … I heard this metallic roar, looked up and saw what I thought was a very peculiar sight of individual floors, one after the other exploding outward. I thought to myself, “My God, they’re going to bring the building down.”  And they, whoever they are, had set charges.  In fact, the building was imploding down.  I saw the explosions, and I thought, “This is not a good place to be, because we’re too close to the building, and it’s too easy for the building to topple over.”  So I went under the desk in the office where I sought shelter.” (Bussey gives no indication at a later point that he has came to a different conclusion)

20.  2002, Chris Bull and Sam Erman, ‘At Ground Zero: 25 Stories From Young Reporters Who Were There’, p. 184: Beth Fertig, WNYC radio reporter and contributor to NPR“The Building came down so orderly, floor by floor, that I presumed it was a controlled demolition.  I hoped that it was.  Maybe they all got the people out and now they’re bringing the building down to prevent mass casualties.”

22.  2002, Dean E. Murphy, ‘September 11: An Oral History’, pp. 9-15 (Teresa Veliz): “Teresa Veliz was a manager for a software development firm. She was on the 47th floor of the North Tower when American 11 struck. Veliz was able to reach the ground level at about the same time that the South Tower collapsed. Flung to the ground in total darkness, Veliz and a colleague followed another person who happened to have a flashlight. As she narrated later: “The flashlight led us into Borders bookstore, up an escalator, and out to Church Street. The explosions were going off everywhere. I was convinced that there were bombs planted all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel pushing detonator buttons. I was afraid to go down Church Street towards Broadway, but I had to do it. I ended up on Vesey Street. There was another explosion. And another. I didn’t know which way to run.”

33.  Narrator on CNBC live on 9/11 (Youtube): “This was clearly… The way the structure was collapsing… This was the result of something that was planned.  It’s not accidental that the first tower just happened to collapse and that the second tower just happened to collapse in just the same way.  How they accomplished this, we don’t know.”

34.  September 11, 2001, ABC News live coverage (Youtube):  “[Reporter Don Dahler:] The second building that was hit by the plane has just completely collapsed. T he entire building has just collapsed, as if a demolition team set it off, when you see the old demolitions of these old buildings, it folded down on itself, and it is not there any more. … [Anchor Peter Jennings:] The southern tower … just collapsing on itself. … We have no idea what caused this. Anybody who has ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows that if you are going to do it on purpose you have to get at the under-infrastructure of a building and bring it down.”

37.  September 11, 2001, Albuquerque Journal, ‘Explosives Planted In Towers, N.M. Tech Expert Says’: “Televised images of the attacks on the World Trade Center suggest that explosives devices caused the collapse of both towers, a New Mexico Tech explosion expert said Tuesday.  The collapse of the buildings appears “too methodical” to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structures, said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.  “My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse,” Romero said.  Romero is a former director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at Tech, which studies explosive materials and the effects of explosions on buildings, aircraft and other structures.”

38.  Immediately after the South Tower collapse, person videotaping the WTC from several miles away or a person standing next to him (Youtube): “I’m not going any closer. They had it wired for explosives obviously. Obviously there was a truck in there with explosives.”

39.  Ron Saladino, a WTC7 employee who moved out of the building soon after the first impact, interviewed live on CNN on 9/11 (Youtube): “I turned and looked around and the southern World Trade Center began to just buckle. About 50 consecutive bangs and it fell down like a waterfall.”

52.  Witness on a hospital bed in a clip that reads ‘America Responds’, filmed on 9/11 (Youtube): “And all of a sudden it sounded like gunfire — you know, bang bang bang bang bang — then all of a sudden three big explosions.”

58.  Bollyn, 11-17-05:  The eyewitness was standing on Church Street looking at the South Tower when he observed “a number of brief light sources being emitted from inside the building between floors 10 and 15.”  The emissions of light were accompanied by “a crackling sound,” and occurred immediately before the tower collapsed, the witness said.”

62.  December 6, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110253 (pdf on the site), interview with firefighter Richard Banaciski:  “We were there I don’t know, maybe 10, 15 minutes and then I just remember there was just an explosion.  It seemed like on television they blow up these buildings.  It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”

64.  October 10, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110035 (pdf on the site), interview with firefighter Daniel Rivera: “It was a frigging noise. At first I thought it was — do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear “pop, pop, pop, pop, pop”? That’s exactly what — because I thought it was that. When I heard that frigging noise, that’s when I saw the building coming down.”

66.  December 10, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110290 (pdf on the site), interview with firefighter Kenneth Rogers: “Meanwhile we were standing there with about five companies and we were just waiting for our assignment and then there was an explosion in the South Tower, which, according to this map, this exposure just blew out the flames. A lot of guys left at that point. I kept watching. Floor after floor after floor. One floor under another after another and when it hit about the fifth floor, I figured it was a bomb, because it looked like a synchronized deliberate kind of thing. I was there in ’93.”

68.  November 7, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110192 (pdf on the site), interview with EMS captain Karin Deshore: “Whatever this explosion [the collapse] was simply sucked all the oxygen out of the air. … Somewhere around the middle of the world trade center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash.  Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode.  The popping sound, and with each popping sound it was initially an orange and then a red flash came out of the building and then it would just go all around the building on both sides as far as I could see.  These popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger, going both up and down and then all around the building.  I went inside and I told everybody that the other building or there was an explosion occurring up there and I said I think we have another major explosion.”

70.  October 3, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110008 (pdf on the site), interview with NYFD assistant commissioner Stephen Gregory: “I know I was with an officer from Ladder 146, a Lieutenant Evangelista, who ultimately called me up a couple of days later just to find out how I was.  We both for whatever reason — again, I don’t know how valid this is with everything that was going on at that particular point in time, but for some reason I thought that when I looked in the direction of the Trade Center before it came down, before No. 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes.  In my conversation with Lieutenant Evangelista, never mentioning this to him, he questioned me and asked me if I saw low-level flashes in front of the building, and I agreed with him because I thought… I saw a flash flash flash and then it looked like the building came down. … No [the flashes were not near the fire], the lower level of the building.  You know like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down?  That’s what I thought I saw.  And I didn’t broach the topic to him, but he asked me.  He said I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I just wanted to ask you because you were standing right next to me.  He said did you see anything by the building? And I said what do you mean by see anything?  He said did you see any flashes?  I said, yes, well, I thought it was just me.  He said no, I saw them, too… it’s just strange that two people sort of say the same thing and neither one of us talked to each other about it. … I know about the explosion on the upper floors.  This was like eye level.  I didn’t have to go like this. Because I was looking this way.  I’m not going to say it was on the first floor or the second floor, but somewhere in that area I saw to me what appeared to be flashes.  I don’t know how far down this was already.  I mean, we had heard the noise but, you know, I don’t know.”

83.  December 11, 2001, New York Times, file no. 9110288 (pdf on the site), interview with firefighter William Reynolds: “I said, ‘Chief, they’re evacuating the other building [WTC 1], right?’  He said, ‘No.’ … I said, ‘Why not?  They blew up the other one.’  I thought they blew it up with a bomb.  I said, ‘If they blew up the one, you know they’re gonna blow up the other one.'”

118.  Live report on CBS-2 from Marcia Kramer (Youtube): “Right now police will have to determine whether that explosion was caused from the initial impact of the plane or whether it was something exploded on the ground.  Generally speaking for a building to collapse in on itself like that it would seem to indicate – obviously this is early speculation – but it seemed to indicate that there could have been an explosion, a bomb planted on the ground that would make the building collapse within itself.”

133.  Japanese store worker in Youtube video ‘My 9/11 : Video from the streets of Manhattan’:  “How can just believe the two buildings now is gone.  Yeah!  No, I didn’t see [collapse]. … Just one second.  Just smoking.  Exactly!  [it looks like a controlled demolition] … How they hit… this, the bomb is strong, huh?  The bomb, huh?  Very, very strong.  How can destroy this big building, huh?  This bomb very strong.” 

134.  Person who shot the above home video (Youtube):  “Yeah, it looked like when you see in the movies when they demolish a building.  That’s how it went down. [still doesn’t seem to accept the idea that this is what he witnessed]

151.  Radio interview with Scott Forbes, senior database administrator at Fiduciary Trust, with his office on the 97th floor of the South Tower (Youtube):  “I was in my apartment that overlooked the Trade Center. … And as soon as I saw the South Tower go down, I was highly suspicious.  It just didn’t look correct. It looked like a controlled demolition.”

December 24, 2005, Killtown, interview with Scott Forbes:  “You have to understand how unprecedented the power down was.  To shutdown all of our financial systems, all inter-related and with connections and feeds to may outside vendors and suppliers was a major piece of work. Additionally, the power outage meant that many of the ‘ordinary’ building features were not operating, such as security locks on doors, cameras, lighting, etc. … I can’t give you the absolute numbers, but I know it was the ‘top half ‘ of WTC 2, so I’d say from floor 50 or so. … Not to my knowledge [was there a simultaneous power outage in the North Tower]. … As far as I recall it was for re-cabling, though I don’t remember the wording on official documents or the detail, as I wasn’t in the Management Loop. … The building was retro, some of the features were so old, like the central heating and a/c systems, which were really really bad and inefficient. … Off on Saturday afternoon – around 12 noon I think – and back on at about 2 pm on the Sunday (my timings on this are hazy). … Well there were several guys in overalls, carrying building gear, toolboxes, etc inside the building.  Remember there were no security locks on doors or security cameras, so access was free unless a door was locked by a manual key.  Seeing so many ‘strangers’ who didn’t work at the WTC was unusual.

September 15, 2010, (alternative media), interview with former Fiduciary Trust employee Gary Corbett near the 9/11 memorial site in Manhattan:  “Hi, my name is Gary Corbett.  I worked for Fiduciary Trust… This is my ID card of Fidiciary Trust.  Wasn’t even changed over to Franklin Templeton.  And sick as humor may be, the men’s room’s key for the 97th floor.  So call ’em good luck charms. … I came for the memorial services.  I have for the past few years, once I got over the bitterness. … On 9/11 I was on a break [down the street].  I was theoretically to work the 7 o’clock-7:30 a.m. shift, but because of the power down I was about to meet my boss at 9 o’clock, but 9 o’clock never came. …
“I was a computer operator on the night shift, Monday night into Tuesday.  The previous weekend there had been a power down.  When the power was turned [back] on, there were a lot of problems for all companies within the complex who had computer systems, simply because the mainframes weren’t talking to the servers, the front end servers and vice versa.  And what made the day really tragic is that you had a lot of the technical people, data processing types, coming in early who [normally] wouldn’t have been there until 9 or 10 o’clock.  They were brought in early.  And then you had the admin types, because of the trial balances and the books weren’t complete.  The reason I stopped is, I saw the sign: “9/11 was an inside job”.  Again, because of the power down there was a complete breakdown of security that weekend.  I was working on the 97th and supposedly Fiduciary had a vault, some type of agreement with J.P. Morgan or something that someone at my level wouldn’t understand.  We had guided tours coming into secured areas by mistake and nobody picking it up because there are no intrusion alarms or anything else.  Besides a loss of co-workers on that day that I will never forget is the CEO or whatever she was, Ann Tatlock, just happened to be out of town and within moments after the collapse made the statement to the stockholders and the other people that:  “We lost a lot of people, but don’t worry about them, they were only clerks.” And that’s the thing that will stick with me. [Appears very upset.] …
“The power down started like Friday night at the close of business, gradually into Saturday morning. … Fiduciary Trust was completely down.  We’re just there on guard duty.  We’re doing nothing, because the power was off.  The power came on probably some time, I’m guessing, about 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon.  A day [before the attack].  Yeah, [two days].  But it was off for a good 24 to 36 hours. … That’s hard to say [who exactly came in], because you don’t see people from local 3. You see the maintenance people that you know for your floor, the assigned floors.  You don’t know who is from local 3.  Could be a guy with blue eyes.

April 27, 2005, KPFA, Guns &  Butter, first responder Indira Singh:  “[Question: They actually used the word “brought down” and who was it who was telling you this?]  The Fire Department, and they did use the word:  “We are going to have to bring it down.”  And for us there, observing the nature of the devastation, it made total sense to us that this was indeed a possibility.”

CNN footage: cameraman on 9/11 in the neighborhood of WTC 7 amidst firefighters (Youtube):  [A giant explosion is heard] [Person 1:]  You hear that?  [Person 2:]  Keep your eye on that building.  It will be coming down soon.” … [new shot, but at same street and at almost the exact same location] [Person 3:]  That building is about to blow up.  Moving back. … [again skips a few seconds of footage] … We are walking back, because that building is about to blow up. [roaring sound is already heard in the background].  Flame.  Debris coming down.” 

Reporter Ashleigh Banfield live for MSNBC, near WTC 7, some time before collapse (Youtube):  “We just heard one more explosion.  That’s about the fourth one we’ve heard.”

1010 WINS NYC News Radio on 9/11 (Youtube):  “[Reporter:] I’m here with an NYU medical student. He was down there [at the collapse of WTC 7].  He was trying to help people.  His name is Daryl. [Daryl:]  “Yeah, so I was standing there.  You know, we were watching the building as it was on fire – the bottom floors of the building were on fire.  And we heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder.  We turned around and we were shocked to see that the building was, what looked like a shockwave ripping through the building and the windows all busting out.  It was horrifying.  And then, you know, about a second later the bottom floor caved out and the building followed after that.”

Craig Bartmer, first responder, former New York Police Department (Youtube) (report not made live on 9/11 or to the mainstream media, thus tricky. Then again, Bartmer has become very sick due to his work at Ground Zero):  “Walked around [WTC7].  Saw a hole.  Not a hole big enough to knock a building down though.  Yeah, there was definitely fire in the building. … I didn’t hear any indication that it was gonna come down.  And all of a sudden the radios exploded and everybody started screaming:  “Get away!  Get away!  Get away from it!”  And I was like a deer in the headlights and I look up.  I think I remember pretty clearly two guys that I knew who were on the transit radio.  I don’t know if those tapes are out there.  I can try and look for ’em and show you.  Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It was that moment and I looked up.  It was nothing that I would have ever imagined seeing in my life.  The thing started peeling in on itself.  There was an umbrella of crap 7 feet over my head that I just stared at. Somebody grabbed my shoulder and I started running and the shit is hitting the ground behind me. And the whole time you’re hearing:  Thum! Thum! Thum! Thum!  And I think I know an explosion when I hear it. [laughs] I  was real close to WTC 7 … And I don’t know, that didn’t sound like a building just falling down when I was running away from it.  There’s a lot of eyewitness testimony down there hearing explosions.  I didn’t see any reason for that building to fall down the way it did and a lot of guys should be saying the same thing.

Kevin McPadden, first responder (Youtube) (years after 9/11, like Bartmer; NOT trusted and NOT counted)  “There was a whole lot of commotion.  The firefighters starting picking up and rolling out and go follow these busses that went down town. And the Red Cross rep, he was like, he came over and he says, “Well, you’ve got to stay behind this line, because they’re thinking of bringing the building down.  They didn’t say what building. … So, we’re like, “Okay, we’ll take their word for it.  We’ll stay behind the line.”  And he went over and talked to one of the, through all the commotion, he goes over and asks one of the firefighters what was going on.  And, I guess, I don’t know if he got an answer or not.  He came back over with his hand over the radio, and what sounded like a countdown.  And at the last few seconds he took his hand off and you heard:  three, two, one and he was just saying: “Just run for you lives!  Just run for your life.”  And then it was another 3-2 seconds you heard explosions, like baboom!  There was like distinct sound… like floors that were like dropping and collapsing.  This was like baboom!  And you felt, like, a rumble in the ground.  Like almost like you wanted to grab onto something.  To me, I knew that was an explosion.  There was no doubt in my mind.  And by that time we’re running out into the street.  Half the people have taken off, running up the street, and then everybody is running into the center of the street, while anybody who was south of that intersection was running up the street, getting chased by this cloud of smoke which was monstrous.”

Sunday, September 10, 2006, Zembla (VARA, Dutch television), Danny Jowenko interview about 9/11 (Youtube) (died in a car crash in 2011):  “[Is shown a video of the WTC 7 collapse]  Do you see the top go first?  No, it goes from the bottom.  Right?  They just blew the columns; it has been demolished with explosives. … This is controlled demolition.  I’m absolutely sure, it has been demolished with explosives.  This was done at someone’s direction.  A team of experts has done this. … The same day [as WTC 1 and 2?]  The same day?  Are you sure?  Are you sure it was the 11th?  That can’t be true.  Really?  Then they worked really fast. … This a professional job, no doubt.  These boys know what they are doing. … They did have the advantage that there was already so much destruction in the environment that they didn’t need to be that precise. … I am talking about the placement of packet charges instead of all that blowtorch work and linear shaped charges.  Just rigorously because it was already a mess.  Just charges against the beams and just really fast. … Oh, those aren’t even that many columns.  That explains a lot.  You can demolish this quickly.  You could even do this with blowtorches and cutter charges. … A cutter charge against it with a piece of duct tape is no-time, a minute per charge, not even–half a minute. … That’s not much work [connecting everything].  Everybody knows his job. … You must have experienced men, but if you would have maybe 30 or 40 persons [it’s possible within 7 hours]. … Several with a blowtorch, the rest attaches [the explosives], other people attach the det cords with the boosters. … and another persons puts on the electrical systems. … They didn’t put out the fire [before putting in the explosives]?  Yeah, that’s weird, I agree, I have no explanation for that. … If they have become heated [during a fire] you will have to replace those columns.  Do you know what it will cost to replace those columns at the bottom and to rebuild everything else?  Then you’ll say:  be gone with it.  Right? … That could have been a reason for that Mr. Silverstone or Silverstein, or whatever he is called, the owner of the building, to have said:  “Look, this is just gonna cost a lot of money and what do I get back?  Still the same old building.”  And at that moment I think Giuliano [sic] would have given off a permit to demolish:  “If you can get rid of it, as soon as possible.” … This has been done by people.  No, no [there’s no discussion].  It’s also done on orders. Mr. [Silverstein] has said so himself.  You can hear him say it:  “Pull it down.  Be gone with it.” [The smoke puffs at WTC 7:]  Yeah, it could be.  You don’t know if those are charges. … it could be materials breaking…. So, no I don’t believe those are charges.  That’s also not necessary. … If this is a consequence of the coming down of the WTC towers, that would highly surprise me.  I just cannot imagine that. … Take that building of Timothy McVeigh.  That was half gone.  And it still had to be demolished with explosives [that’s how unlikely a collapse through fire is]. … There will be more deaths in the coming years [due to asbestos].

Kevin Ryan in the documentary ‘9/11 Birth of Treason’ (Youtube) (note: Ryan played a role in the original and official WTC investigation, but did become a key truther with a few irrational beliefs):  …The final story has been summarized kind of in seven steps.  And if you walk through those and clearly summarize them and look at known facts about the buildings, look at the report itself to see if it is self-consistent, just look at the story to see if it is realistic, and in all three cases you can see that it is not.  It is actually false in everyone of those seven steps. And this is just the collapse initiation sequence.  They don’t actually describe the actual dynamics of the buildings falling.  They just say, “global collapse ensued”.   In that way they can ignore a whole lot of evidence that points to an alternative hypothesis, like explosions, from witnesses hearing explosions, or demolition squibs coming off of the buildings.  The speed of the collapse is a very important piece of evidence.  They can ignore all of that by just saying “global collapse ensued”. Period.  The biggest problems with that story are the fire proofing being lost … Tests that were done by NIST, very weak, numble tests, prove that actually the fire proofing could not have been lost in the buildings.  There was no energy for it – no mechanism for it to occur.  And probably the biggest problem is the idea that the external columns would bow inward, which is primary to the official story.  There’s actually no physical testing to support that.  There’s no intuitive reasoning behind it. The only support is from a highly manipulated computer model, in which the temperatures were exaggerated, the fire times were exaggerated, all the fire proofing was stripped off.  And the floors were disconnected. … The floors are disconnected.  There’s no force to pull the columns in.  How did it happen?  We are talking about a phantom force now in a highly manipulated computer model. And that’s what we are basing our future on. … There were also still comments being made about jet fuel melting steel, by experts supporting the official story.  So I wrote to the NIST and I asked them to please clarify the ideas that were being stated in the media and in the report.  And I was fired for writing the letter.  I was fired for nothing else but writing this letter.  I hadn’t violated any policies and I had been promoted just earlier that year to a top-management position in my division.”

November 29, 2001, New York Times, ‘Engineers Suspect Diesel Fuel in Collapse of 7 World Trade Center’: “Dr. [Jonathan] Barnett and Mr. Baker are part of an assessment team organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] to examine the performance of several buildings during the attacks. If further studies of the debris confirm the findings of extremely high temperature, Dr. Barnett said, “the smoking gun would be the fuel.” … A combination of an uncontrolled fire and the structural damage might have been able to bring the building down, some engineers said. But that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures, Dr. Barnett said.”

February 27, 1993, Seattle Times, ‘Twin Towers Engineered To Withstand Jet Collision’:  John Skilling, 72, was not involved in the design of the building mechanics.  Although Skilling is not an explosives expert, he says there are people who do know enough about building demolition to bring a structure like the Trade Center down.  “I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it.””

July 16, 2012, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, ‘WTC Chief Electrical Design Engineer Calls for New 9/11 Investigation: An Exclusive Interview with Richard Humenn, P.E.E.’:  …“Just before Tower 2 went down, I saw a replay of the plane hitting Tower 2, and at that point I said that was no accident – it had to be a terrorist attack.  I noticed that there were puffs of smoke and glass being blown out at the lower floors of the towers, and my immediate thought was this was a coordinated terrorist attack.  Not only did the planes hit the tower, but there were explosives set off within the building to do additional damage – that was my impression.  The other thing I noticed just before Tower 1 started to collapse, the antenna started to fall, and that led me to believe right away that the interior columns, which were the mainstay of the support of the antenna, were compromised.  I totally discounted the original pancake theory, because if the connections to the columns from the floor trusses to the columns were broken, those columns would have been left standing all the way up to the top – only the floors would have collapsed.  I knew something was awry then, and not too long after that [I was invited] to be interviewed and was shown some presentations by AE911Truth, which more or less confirmed [what I had previously thought].  My statement was that the planes alone did not bring down the towers….[If this was a deceptive controlled demolition] I don’t think they did a very good job of hiding it.  All of the interior columns had to be compromised at multiple points.  [There were] 50 or so interior columns that surrounded the elevator shafts.  I would expect that if I were to attempt to bring the columns down, I would place some kind of thermite explosive inside the columns at maybe 30-foot intervals.  My only theory is that the only people who had 24/7 access to the elevator shafts was the elevator maintenance company.  They did a lot of their work after hours.  They inspected rails and all the interiors of the shaft for safety reasons.  A team of men working from an elevator that they control could have access from the top to all the interior columns from the inside.  There’s no way there could have been access from the outside, because people would have noticed.  But inside, at least two or three sides of each column were exposed and could be penetrated by a drill or something to insert some form of explosive [with a remote-controlled blasting cap].  When I was dealing with them, the elevator company was ACE.  They were very good people – they helped me with some of my studies.  There was always constant maintenance of the rails which guided the elevators on each side. …
“The NIST report says that it was the fires that did it.  There’s no way – fire is not going to bring down a steel building.  Some other external heat source such as thermite could have compromised the connections between the girders and trusses. ”

Richard F. Humenn, WTC chief electrical design engineer who helped design the building, to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (Youtube):  “I am a retired professional electrical engineer.  I went through Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and received the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree in 1954.  I worked for Joseph Loring [chief electrical engineer of the WTC] for 41 years and was principal chief electrical engineer for the World Trade Center complex.  I was trained in Fort Belvoir School to use demolition practises on bridges and other structures as well as roadways.  On September 11th I was watching live TV from my kitchen and saw the whole thing.  I saw the repetition of the actual incidents and thereafter I was in a state of shock because it was unbelievable to me, knowing the strength of the structures, that a single incident of a plane impacting and fuel burning would be the reason for the towers to collapse.  I just did not believe it. It was like a dream.  A nightmare. …

“Well, I would be more comfortable if I said something first…that the pancake theory that was initially proposed did not work.  It was not feasible because if the floors pancaked, the columns would still be standing.  That would have meant all the connections to the girders on both sides, interior and exterior columns, would have been disconnected for the pancake theory to work.  So, it’s an invalid theory.  The only way that I can see that the towers could have collapsed is that the interior columns were compromised, and by being compromised the center of the towers would become virtual black holes sucking everything in to the center of the towers.  I was very familiar with the twin towers’ elevator systems because we took over conceptual maintenance and improvements of the elevator systems after the project was completed.  I actually rode up and down elevator shafts on the top of a car going 1200 feet a minute, you can imagine the experience!  I’m very familiar with the interior structure that surrounded the elevator shafts and the accessibility which the elevator companies had 24/7, and could visualize that the columns could have been set up with explosive devices during the off-hour operations of the building by elevator company personnel.  The elevator companies generally did work at night, when the building was closed down.  I believe elevator personnel could have been involved because they had 24/7 access to the shafts which is the normal time in the evening and early morning hours when they perform their maintenance.  And, of course, their access to the elevator shafts gave them total access to the surrounding core columns… the interior of the core columns. 

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Tom Sullivan, explosives loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. in the years surrounding 9/11 (an interesting coincidence, considering all the possibilities out there: CDI was contracted to clean up the WTC rubble), video interview (Youtube):  “My name is Tom Sullivan.  I worked for Controlled Demolition Incorporated, CDI, the top-rated explosives demolition firm in the world, owned by the Loizeaux family, during the years surrounding 911.  And I worked for them as an explosives loader for two and a half years.  As an explosives loader, my job was to place explosives in the buildings to prepare them for demolition.  Looking at the building, it wouldn’t be a problem, once you gained access to the elevator shafts.  Then a team of loading experts would have access to all the core columns and beams.  The rest could be accomplished at that point by just the right kind of explosives for the job at hand.  The choices are many out there.  I’ve worked on buildings, steel frame buildings, where essentially you load only the bottom third of the building and that causes the building to implode. … You wouldn’t need miles and miles of det cord.  You could have used wireless remote detonators.  And they’ve been available for years.  You need only look at an action movie to see them in use, and of course, the military has them as well.  Contractors don’t use them, on the other hand, because they’re just too expensive.  You wouldn’t have found steel casings to be left in the rubble.  They haven’t been used for years.  What we use now is RDX copper-jacketed shape charges.  And when they’re initiated there is nothing left of those charges.  And in the case of thermite, thermite self-consuming cutting charges have been around since they’ve been first patented in 1984.  So there would be nothing left in the debris pile, except some residue of molten iron.  The key word here is “controlled” demolition, and I emphasize the word “controlled.” … I knew from Day One that this was a controlled event.  And why I did that is because simply looking at Building 7 You have a sudden collapse of the building.  It’s fairly symmetrical as it comes down.  There’s the classic kink, which means that the center core fails first and you can see that on the video.  And the building falls near freefall.  So I really, honestly didn’t believe this from Day One.  Because this is the way buildings classically come down with a controlled demolition.  I want to emphasize that I in no way represent CDI.  And what I have to say is based solely on my own working experience and training while working for them.  This NIST report is very suspect. … What I saw was a classic implosion, the center of the core, the penthouse area, starts to move first, and then the building follows along with it.  So this idea that it started on one corner, from one column off on the side, therefore the core was involved, starting from that corner, just doesn’t make sense.  It’s not how it works!  Well, again, if you listen to the testimony of people on the ground, they’re reporting exactly what I would have expected.”         

……………………………………………………..             ……………………………………..

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Mosul battle (15)
  Lieutenant-General Stephen Townsend, the general commanding coalition forces in Iraq, predicted that it would take two years to clear ISIL from Mosul and Raqqa and then to burn out the remnants of the group.
  Men allow progress on all fronts of human endeavor, but they are content to let religion become archaic–whereas a fresh mind and a right attitude toward God and man open the door to understanding.       -Messengers M & E C Prophet:  Path of Self-Transformation, 2000, p. 244



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