to attempt the scaling of the stars when men are unable to overcome small conflicts

IMG_7514 2.JPG

The aperture through which men behold the frail stream of mortal life is too narrow to permit full viewing, and thus men should not expect too much of themselves even when they pursue the path Godward until they have expanded their spiritual faculties beyond the dimension of their own opinioned progress to where the voice of God can clearly be heard, saying “COME UP HIGHER!”

Men often do not distinguish between karmic law acting to return to them for balance ancient sendings misqualified with imperfection and those pruning tests whereby God seeks to expand the qualities of the soul.  As a new year is now beginning for all in the vast cycles of mortal life it is the wish of the Brotherhood to show forth the fact that men are often overly concerned with that to which they ought to give but partial concern or merely a fragmentary glimpse, whereas the important directional concepts of Life which mold and shape destiny and bring life into consonance with the divine pattern are often neglected for some temporary personal advantage….

We would like to point out that to attempt the scaling of the stars when men are unable to overcome small conflicts within their own domain often focuses energy and attention away from the direction of greatest need….Seek to liquidate those debts which will enable you to tackle higher responsibilities and thus not only hold your ground but also move forward in the light.  Some among mankind seem to regard honest appraisal as denying them access to higher ways of attainment.  Not so, precious ones,…”the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is” (1Cor. 3)               -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:1

IMG_1627.jpg-Kuthumi, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

hqdefault copy 3.jpg-by Schmiechen, 1884

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