Thus it is not equality for bodies with varying colored skins that we would seek

For I tell you that unless members of the black community itself will give calls to the violet flame, unless there be established study groups that can apply the teaching to the particular problems which they face, there will come upon America increased tension and outburst because of the futility of life that is lived in many quarters, quarters that you have have not seen or experienced and therefore cannot understand, my beloved.

Realize then that this nation is raised up, it is raised up to be the proving ground and the crossroads of life where the cosmic cross of whitefire symbolizes the coming together of all peoples and nations, kindreds, tongues, races and lightwaves of evolution.  In this very nation by the raising up of the Universal Christ and the I AM Presence the open door of salvation is given unto all….

When you search to know the divine plan, beloved ones, know that in your causal body is a great moment of truth, a moment that is a sphere of consciousness, attainment already won that can be drawn down as a gift from the Son, a gift from the Father, a gift from the Christed one within you.         -Saint Germain:  6-1-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles

IMG_4880.JPG-Roger Bacon by Gordon Ross, 1941


Though there were successes through the civil rights movement there have been setbacks, for these successes in many instances were outer.  Having gained them the people did not understand that they must go within to the inner light in order to sustain them.    Thus it is not equality for bodies with varying colored skins that we would seek but true advancement on the path of initiation for souls who indeed hold the key for the entire elevation of this race of the sons and daughters of Afra.

I AM radiating in this hour a light ray from my heart to those who have been called long ago to be the shepherds of this people.  Some of these shepherds to-be are among this company of Camelot and others are yet abroad in the land serving with a great fervor of love and an understanding of justice, while those who are truly not qualified to lead yet somehow arrive in positions of leadership do serve–not with love but with competition born of a hatred which they have never surrendered into the flame, though they know not it is implanted within the subconscious….

Therefore I send a ray forth a ray from my heart unto those who are the true shepherds of this people to elevate, to call you to action….Let none turn aside this opportunity to  come under the tutelage of the Mother of the Flame who is truly our representative in the Motherhood of all races  under the blessed Omega and Mother Mary and so many hosts of the LORD….No greater mistake could ever be made than for peoples to segment themselves according to outer judgment instead of the inner judgment of the heart….

Therefore you see that many who have had a life of ease and deference over these centuries have made little soul progress, whereas through the angels embodied among the black people there is a spirit and a light, a power and a strength that can be galvanized and summoned and brought together now in such a conflagration of light, such a movement of liberation as to make all previous efforts seem paltry before the great living Spirit of the Maha Chohan.                    ascended-master-afra1.jpg -Afra:  7-5-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles; see   IMG_1828.JPG-in Prayer & Meditation, 1978     3628472_orig.jpg-Accra, Ghana arch of freedom and justice


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