Magnificent violet-fire angels from Saint Germain’s own band

  Chant ye, holy seraphim!  Chant ye, holy seraphim!  Chant ye, holy seraphim!  Behold, O planet Earth, our love is pouring out to you from out the heart of the great Violet Planet.  I, Omri-Tas, stand now in the center of the mighty pool of light.  I shall describe it to you that you may know the beauty of its wonders.

This pool is seventy feet and circular. There is a shimmering, magnificent, yellow-colored water which flashes like electric sparks across the center of this pool.  There are seven circular steps which lead up to it.  There are seven columns around it.  These are of white marble and rise high into the atmosphere.  The canopy is quite naturally circular and a beautiful flow of starry flames pours down from the center.  This pool then which dwells upon the Violet Planet stands in the center of a great amphitheater where the priests assemble when we give our sacred invocations.

I have chosen to describe this unto you that you may receive somewhat the setting from whence I am speaking and may realize the wonders of a civilization which is free from commercialization, from disharmony, from disunity and all of those attendant causes of distress which your blessed planet presently does not enjoy.  Peace to your beloved hearts!

As I stand now upon a tiny, white circular dais raised within the very center of this pool I see beneath my feet this shimmering, beautiful, magnetic, yellow-colored water which flashes with such iridescence and wonder that it is difficult to find words in your own language to describe it unto you.  But I have given you somewhat of a vague picture of it, and I am sure that your imagination together with your own exalted consciousness will serve to describe the balance in your minds and convey to you the picture which we are projecting to you.

The marble platform which extends out around this beautiful center-domed temple of light is a pale orange in color.  It is set with many white stones sprinkled in it, and the entire effect is magnificent to behold.  Many of the priests of our brotherhood here upon the Violet Planet are now lighting canisters (and this is the word that I believe in your language would best describe the particular and specific item which they are using), and these canisters are filled with a special form of electronic energy which releases a stream of violet light in such a manner as to highlight the entire sky and atmosphere around our temple.

The color of the sky you see upon our planet is actually not violet, it is blue like your own.  But in order to create the proper atmosphere in this outdoor setting we utilize a special electromagnetic forcefield whereby even in broad daylight we are able to project from these canisters, focused around the central area of our temple, a radiant color of violet which fills the entire atmosphere. The effect of the violet, reflected in the scintillating yellow pool, is magnificent to behold.  But there is a spiritual purpose that is conveyed in this magnificent symbol.  For there is a special electromagnetic field which pulsates from the water to the top of the tower and enables us to amplify the violet flame in such a manner that throughout the length and breadth of our land the homes of all of the people upon this planet receive a charge of violet fire in much the same manner that you convey your electrical current upon transmission lines. This violet fire can be contacted by our people and used on special instruments for combing their hair, for washing themselves and, in other ways, for cleansing their homes.

We adore the violet fire and the violet fire adores us, serving us very well.  And therefore tonight it has been requested by beloved Portia of your own great Karmic Board that we shall release the power of the violet fire from our planet to the planet Earth in hope that the beneficiaries of our radiation will be those chelas who request from the great Karmic Board a release and cessation of the karma which they have builded through the centuries.

You have called forth, beloved and benign ones, violet fire for many years. Archangel Zadkiel who frequently visits our planet has told us of the tremendous calls which have been made by the people of Earth who are familiar with the law of Saint Germain’s freedom flame and the violet flame, and we are wholly in compassion with the need for your people to share this great blessing.  Therefore accept from my hands as a gift of divine love the resurgent power of the violet flame projected toward the Earth.

Magnificent violet-fire angels from Saint Germain’s own band have volunteered to blaze a path through cosmic highways toward the Earth planet and to focus it, beloved ones, upon your nation’s Capitol, to which this sanctuary is so proximate.  Beloved ones, the charge of violet fire shall utilize the Capitol dome as an electrode and it shall radiate out as from a great hub throughout the entire planet known as Earth.  Every chela of Saint Germain upon this planet shall be blest with the radiation which we shall pour forth.

  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!  Chant, O seraphim!

And now, beloved priests of the Violet Planet, I, Omri-Tas, say unto you:  release your mighty power of light and build up the forcefield upon this great electrode of light that the people of Earth may be blest this night with all of the beauty of the violet flame which we can release and convey to them.

Beloved ones, I would describe to you the scene, for there is a dancing now taking place within this beautiful columned temple in which I stand.  My body is scarcely visible.  The pulsations of this golden flame rise high up into the atmosphere, and the scintillating sparks of light from the central dome are pouring down now as a giant waterfall of light.

We utilize this golden flame in stimulating and releasing the power of the violet flame, and those who are familiar with the chemistry of universal Law will understand how this is so.  I shall not describe this process to you at this time.

There is a hum that is now beginning to manifest around the temple. [10-second pause]  The charge is building up to tremendous proportions.  [18-second pause]

Release, in God’s name, to the planet Earth the full power and intensity of this great cosmic Light!  [65-second pause]

The gift is bestowed!  The priests now with shining faces are all turning toward me (for they had their backs toward me, which I did not tell you before) during this great release and their hands are extended outward and upward.

To complete our great experiment of light we shall now form beautiful, magnificent spheres of violet flame, and we are going to roll them down this cosmic highway in much the manner of a bowler attempting to knock down bowling pins.  But we shall hit our mark.  There are 144,000 of these spheres.  Each one of the priests of the sacred fire here has one in command.  These shall be released for the next twelve hours, and each one shall come down the same highway of light over which we projected the great release of violet flame.

When these great violet-flame spheres contact the Capitol of your nation they too,shall shatter and diffuse and create a repetition of the same first charge, for these were specially prepared for this purpose.  The reason the charge shall be the same is because the release which we made a few moments ago is sufficient, insofar as the violet-flame substance is concerned, to mix with the radiation of each of these spheres and produce the selfsame results in each case.  Therefore for the next twelve hours there shall be a continual release, spaced by cosmic Law, of violet flame from this planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of freedom, friends of Saint Germain, friends of your own mighty I AM Presence, may I convey to the planet Earth the love, the compassion and the longing of our people to see you win your own freedom by the proper use of the violet flame of Saint Germain.  He is well-known here, honored and loved.  He came here long ago.  Many, many years ago Saint Germain came here and formed with us a friendship of undying quality.  Melchizedek, priest of Salem, spent over 144 years upon this planet, and we have been host to many of Earth’s people while their bodies were sleeping.

I now wish to drop upon you a gentle mantle of peace that your souls this night may sleep in a compassionate universe, a universe from which is removed all sting, all pain, all sorrow, all anger, all vanity, a universe in which the violet fire rules supreme wiping away all tears, all sorrow and all conditions less than the Great Central Sun magnetism–the compassion of the sacred fire.  In God’s holy name and with the Spirit of the Benign upon our planet, I, Omri-Tas, wish thee one and all a pleasant night of rest.  God bless thee.  I thank you and bid you good evening.        -Omri-Tas:  7-6-1963 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet    IMG_5263.JPG-Portia by John William Wright, 1846


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