3-25-16        In 2005, the Flemish-speaking Belgian reporter of Moroccan origin decided to see for herself how and why Molenbeek was becoming a magnet for Islamist imams and sheiks recruiting candidates for jihad in places like Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq.

She spent three months living in rented accommodation in the area, posing as a student. The result was a book Undercover in Little Morocco, also published as Inflitrated: Among the radical Islamists. It was recently translated and published in France as Immersion in Molenbeek, in which she recounts how Islamist preachers were spreading their radical and murderous ideas to young people from the same generation as the terrorists that struck Paris and Brussels in November and March.hind-fraihi.jpg


H. Fraihi comes on at 3:52 of this clip–very informative:




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