Hillary Clinton & Big Pharma

Believe me when I tell you her Wall Street payday looks like minimum wage compared to what the big wigs at Big Pharma fork over…

For example, in June 2014, Hillary made a jaunt to sunny San Diego, where she met with the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO).

Her compensation: $335,000 for one hour

On March 13, 2014, Hillary traveled to Orlando, Florida to talk with the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association.

She was paid $225,000 for one hour

Also in March 2014, Hillary jetted to Manhattan, where she received $250,000 to share her ideas with Drug, Chemical, and Associated Technologies.

On and on it goes…

In October 2014, Hillary collected a quick $265,000 from the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

In February 2014, Hillary met with Novo Nordisk, the $130 billion manufacturer of Victoza, a blockbuster diabetes drug that has been linked to 300 deaths.

Novo Nordisk paid Hillary $125,000 to impart her wisdom…

What does Hillary Clinton have to say to Big Pharma that’s so incredibly valuable? Well, we don’t know for sure because she refuses to release transcripts….

It’s not easy to sell deadly poison and call it “medicine.” Yet that’s exactly what Big Pharma is doing! Their ruthless game of smoke-and-mirrors that claims an American life every 5 minutes.  With Hillary’s “guidance”, they’re probably going to DOUBLE SALES!…

My name is Jenny Thompson.  I’m the Director of The Health Sciences Institute (HSI), America’s premiere health information network. We’re an alliance 166,000 strong, made up of enlightened doctors, medical researchers and folks just like you.

We are completely independent and self-supporting.  No special interest groups. No political agendas. And no kickbacks from the FDA, Big Pharma, or Super PACS.

Back in the 1990s, while the Clintons were still defaming the White House, we were founded with one important goal:  To stop corrupt politicians, greedy drug companies, and the FDA from running roughshod over innocent Americans….

Pay special attention to the #1 most deadly drug on today’s countdown, because while this drug SEEMS HARMLESS, it is a sudden fatality waiting to happen.  Millions of Americans take this drug every day.  And it’s so innocent looking lots of folks don’t even consider it a drug.  But beware!  People who swallow this innocent looking little capsule have a 530% higher death risk….drugs like Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril, Sonata and others.  Not only are these drugs among the most widely prescribed — mainstream medicine doles them out like Halloween candy… but they are also among the most deadly, making them #1 on our list of the 7 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs.

How dangerous are they?  According to a new study conducted by the Scripps Clinic:  People who use sleeping pills have a 530% higher death risk.  They also have a 35% higher cancer risk.         https://pro.hsionlineorders.net/HSI160415A/PHSIS619?h=true


Getty Images

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has received more campaign cash from drug companies than any candidate in either party, even as she proudly declares the industry is one of her biggest enemies.  http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/257234-clinton-brings-in-most-big-pharma-money-of-2016-field


Mrs. Clinton prattles on and on about how she’s in support of families and children, life and the middle class and how she is different from Bernie Sanders, especially in the arena of making gun manufacturers liable, as reported by lawnewz.com

“Calling the issue ‘one of my biggest contrasts with Senator Sanders,’ [Clinton] railed against his position saying that gun manufacturers should not be held liable for mass shootings like Sandy Hook. Clinton said it is ‘unimaginable’ that Sanders can place the rights of gun makers over the parents of children killed in a school attack….

If Hillary cared about the well-being of children and families, she would know about the dangers of vaccines and conventional medicine. And her fundraising sources would reflect it.  Does it?  From Twisted News:   “…Her campaign is fraught with strategists and fundraisers who have deep ties to Big Health and Big Pharma.”…

Paul Craig Roberts reports:  “The Clintons’ purchase by interest groups is public knowledge.  For example, CNN reports that between February 2001 and May 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton were paid $153 million in speaking fees for 729 speeches, an average price of $210,000.

“According to the International Business Times, ‘Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments had given millions to the Clinton Foundation.’            http://www.vaccines.news/2016-04-25-hillary-clinton-gives-big-pharma-a-total-pass-on-victims-of-vaccine-violence-while-saying-gun-manufacturers-should-be-held-responsible-for-victims-of-gun-violence.html


7-11-16     (Clinton.news) In case you didn’t know, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is well-connected – to industries and corporations, to banks and financial institutions, to foreign governments and foreign interests… to just about everyone who isn’t aligned with, or tuned to, the common folk she claims to represent.

But don’t take my word for it.  The data speaks for itself.  As reported by The New York Post, the Democratic candidate is so well connected that she managed to “earn” (I write sarcastically) something like $21 million over a two-year period, just by showing up somewhere and giving a speech (many of which were for her going rate of $225,000 though others paid more).

Do you know of anyone else can show up at a venue and speak/play music/read poetry/perform magic tricks/do origami/stand on their head for about 20 minutes and earn that kind of money?

No one.  So what makes Hillary’s time so valuable?  Is it her winning personality?  Her captivating demeanor?  Her rock-star status?  Or is it, perhaps, that banks and Big Pharma and corporations and countries pay her so handsomely because they want something from her if she happens to stumble into the White House next January?    http://www.clinton.news/2016-05-25-hillary-clintons-presidency-has-already-been-bought-by-big-pharma-and-wall-street-see-the-list-of-bribes-shes-already-accepted.html


2-11-16  According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the health care industry hit record lobbying limits in 2009, spending nearly $273 million around the time the Affordable Care Act was being debated in Congress.    http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/11/health/big-pharma-presidential-politics/



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