Cancun and Toluca International Airports of Mexico


Roberto Lopez Najera (called “The Nineteen” because he’s missing a finger) was a lawyer working for a Texas-born cartel enforcer known as “La Barbie” for his blond hair and blue eyes.  He turned himself in for revenge.  His boss in the cartel (Beltran Leyva faction of the Sinaloa Carte), in an ill-advised move, had had Lopez Najera’s own brother murdered.

Lopez Najera told the Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) that two of Mexico’s busiest international airports, the Cancun and Toluca International Airports, are controlled by the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, who used them between 2006 and 2009 to smuggle at least 50 tons of cocaine into Mexico from Colombia and Venezuela.

TolucaThe Toluca Airport is in the State of Mexico, where, during that time frame one of The Three Amigos, Enrique Pena Nieto, was the state’s Governor. He brought in a Spanish company, OHL, to manage the Airport.

scoopWhen you think about it, “managing the airport” is a big responsibility. You can’t have just anyone vacuuming the planes.

“If you just land in Cancun to refuel, and get off the plane to do the paperwork required for an international flight,”the lawyer-turned-whistle-blower told Mexican authorities, “you paid only $400,000 to the Federal Police, who controlled the network of corruption.”

By contrast, officials at the Toluca Airport were pulling down a cool million  dollars per flight… just to look the other way. The drugs were off-loaded in hangers belonging to the Mexican government’s Ministry of Public Security (SSP).


10-3-12      One result of Lopez Najera’s turning government informant is the recent indictment of four top Mexican Generals on charges of facilitating drug trafficking through the Cancun and Toluca airports,which has quickly become the biggest scandal in the history of the Mexican military….

In Cancun, considered the gateway to large drug shipments from South America, the Beltran Leyva cartel controlled the Federal and state police.

Los Zetas controlled the Ministry of Public Security and the state attorney general’s office. For their mutual benefit, the two cartels, at war with one another in other parts of Mexico, agreed to co-exist.

Their plan was “to fix the Cancun International Airport to allow flights from South America laden with cocaine to land and re-fuel.”


On November 4, 2008. Mexican Secretary of the Interior Juan Camilo Mouriño,[4] who was aboard the plane, was killed in the crash, along with the other eight people on board and seven people on the ground.[5]

Two helicopters that approached the flight of this very plane just before its landing can be seen on the radar record of the landing attempt.  At 3:21 on this clip one sees the objects A1505 & A1507–both helicopters.  Reports in Nov. 2008 asserted that these 2 flew off toward Toluca Airport.  See the radar clip:


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