Maitreya: Scroll (3)

There is such strength in unity that I cannot tell you enough how important it is that you perceive that endeavors of the past have flourished by the support of their compatriots, but they have been dissolved by the witless energies of idleness that in carelessness have flaunted honor, loyalty and respect….

Where is the devotee who has given his all and has not ultimately received an incomparable reward?  Where is the devotee who has withheld his portion at the moment when it was needed who has ever rejoiced in it?                    -Morya El:  8-24-1965 at Beacon’s Head, VA      01ad5-morya


The unction of His radiance is an eternal thrill, limitless verities unmasked and the high road of cosmic adventure.  Men seek advantage; none surpass the reality of that which men suppose to be mere legend.  I AM bathed in the smile of His peace,  the fulfillment of a difficult adventure, and the star-illumined compass that leads Home….

Convey peace and goodwill armed with the might of spiritual adherence, true wisdom and holy strength; marvel in possibility and cherish the inner star.  I AM obediently fashioned in the strength of honor to His will.

Eternal blessings, Morya:  Christmas 1965




Let then the virtues of the Cosmic Mother be extolled.  Let Her place be acknowledged and let Her children be provided for with the proper education, the proper environment, the proper teachings of the true knowledge of the Law.  As it was established in the beginning so let it be unto the ending.  As Alpha and Omega are the beginning and the ending so let mankind proclaim en masse, let them proclaim the light–of the Holy One of God, of the Mother that bears the Christ child and raises him up to divine manhood.

The great clock in the City Foursquare is chiming and the power of the pendulum of that clock can be heard throughout the galaxies.  It is cosmic time vested in eternity.  It is a soundless sound.  It is a frequency that marks the commencement of a spiral of light within the souls evolving here.

So let the great golden ball placed as a focus over this city represent the unfoldment of the divinity of all who have come down from that ancient culture of Atlanta and all who have carried the ball of Atlanta.  For this is the time when souls shall redeem that which is lost, when lost continents shall rise, when lost souls shall be renewed and be reborn.

I say to you, golden hearts of light, receive the essence of the golden ball and the pattern of the culture of the new age.  The authority has been vested within you, and your inner vows are clear.  Therefore I stand and my legions with me to assist you in the hour, in the moment, in the very second that you desire to precipitate the cult of light.

So let the flow in the hourglass, each grain of sand, mark a victory of accomplishment in time and in space.  And so will you see the Christ children coming into embodiment, rising, rising–rising to claim their divine destiny, rising to claim their divine dominion, rising to throw off the shackles of sin, of darkness, of self-condemnation, of accusation and belittlement!

There is no night, no fear, no doubt in the arms of the Divine Mother.  And I, Maitreya, have come to proclaim to you this night the dawning of the age of the divine feminine when all souls shall return to the highest destiny–when they shall climb the highest mountain–the summit of being–and reach the apex of creation.

Rejoice, O sons and daughters of heaven!  You have been waiting for this hour for centuries and millennia.  Opportunity has come.  Behold Her face!  Behold the face of the Cosmic Virgin incarnate!   Behold the destiny of the Christ child!

I touch you, each one, with a skein of light from the golden ball.  It is a veil of gold upon your heads.  It will act as a forcefield of protection–of protection for your divinity, for your Christhood, of protection for the seed of light and for all your becoming unto the fulfillment of your ascension in the light.

I AM with you always in the matrix of your divine overcoming,     Lord Maitreya:  9-3-1972 at Atlanta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet      Maitreya sculpture


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