Maitreya: Scroll (2)

  People of Atlanta, America and the world, you do not know entirely in your outer minds or sense even now, the significance of this scroll.  You do not realize perhaps that it is because you as individuals here and in the world at large have dedicated yourselves already to the ascendency of the divine feminine, of the Motherhood of God, that this declaration has come forth.

It is the face of Opportunity; for once a fiat has gone forth from the Almighty it means that the torch is passed.  It means that there are some who have been found worthy to carry that torch.  It means there are some who have taken vows at inner levels to bear the burden of the dross that sets itself against that torch, that arrays itself against that light within the depths of the human consciousness and the caverns of the carnal mind.

Do you understand that the initial joy, the rejoicing of the receiving of the power of ight from the All-Father must be compensated for by you in action?  You must compensate for that energy release by going forth to do the works of God.  This is the hour when works are important.  For it is the hour of the triumph of the Holy Spirit in the physical plane.  Therefore Jesus said, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” 

The fiat marks the initiation of a cycle but the fulfillment of that cycle rests with the endeavors of men.  I urge you to take upon yourself the burden of light and of responsibility., for the call of the hour is great, the need of the hour is great, the fields are white to the harvest.

It behooves us, one and all working together–the ascended hosts of light, the unascended body of devotees–to determine that the banner of Maitreya which is the banner of the Cosmic Christ shall not be let down in this age, that the banner of the Cosmic Virgin shall not be let down, that men and women and children shall rally together to proclaim the virtue of the divine art, the divine music, the divine culture of integrity and honor, of justice in business, in commerce, in all dealings with the nations and among the nations, all exchanges between the states.

For, precious hearts of light, it is the grace and the comfort of the Mother-flame that is needed.  It is the warmth of love between peoples, the kindness extended to all.  This is the beginning of the culture of the Mother-flame.  I bring to you now the vibratory frequency of the divine feminine within myself, for the divine feminine is the highest aspect of each man, each woman, each child.  It is the polarity in Matter of the Divine Mother and it brings to fruition the masculine counterpart in each one.       -Lord Maitreya:  9-3-1972 at Atlanta via Messenger E C Prophet


I anchor my flame in Atlanta and I use that flame to magnify the golden ball placed here a year ago by Hierarchy.  Thus in gratitude for the devotion of the Atlanta students who have come together to give their invocations I do respond by increasing the size of that ball, increasing its penetrating power of golden liquid light which enfires the mind, inspires the mind with the love of the Buddhic Light, with the wisdom of the Buddha, with the culture of the Mother and with the will of God.      -Lady Master Venus:  9-3-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger Elizabeth Prophet


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