Maitreya: Scroll (1)


  I come to read you the scroll of the Solar Lords, for they have declared this day that divine Opportunity should show her face once again in this hour of travail, in this time of testing.

I unroll the scroll that is written upon with golden letters of living fire:

        To you, sons and daughters of the Most High who have chosen to go forth into time and space to expand the power, the wisdom and the love of my being, I proclaim this hour as the hour of triumph for the golden opportunity of the Divine Feminine.  And I send forth my messenger Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, to initiate the spirals of the resurrection of the culture of the Divine Mother.

Here in this ancient focus of light where so long ago that flame blazed forth, here upon this point in space and time, I send forth the unity of purpose and the fire of my heart.  It is a golden ball of precipitated fire.  You would consider it a tiny acorn in the sense that within this ball is the fiery purpose of the unfoldment of that divine culture which this day we declare is once again resurrected in the plane of Mater.

This golden ball is like a skein of light from which each one may draw a portion of the pattern of the divine culture.  And as the essence of the sacred fire is taken in, absorbed by each one who dedicates himself in this hour to the resurrection of the culture of the Mother, so he shall become in essence worthy to bear the flame of the Cosmic Mother, of the Divine Feminine.

The essence of the golden ball is nourishment for the soul, is tutoring for the heart.  It is that liquid light condensed in form that will pulsate as a mighty focus of light for all who reach out to become more than they are, knowing that the full potential of the Godhead is truly within each one.

I seal this scroll, according to mortal time, September 3, 1972, and I set the hour of the fulfillment of the Cult of the Mother.  As is given unto man a time and a time, and a time and a half a time,  so I say, there is an allotment of energy–an energy cycle and a spiral that can be fulfilled–that is, if it is accomplished in the victory, will be the foundation for the physical manifestation of the golden age.

I seal this by and with the authority of the Almighty.

Precious hearts, the scroll is signed Alpha. 

I am now rolling the scroll once again in the form in which it was handed to me.  It is tied with a golden thread.  And I, Maitreya, will retain this scroll until the fulfillment of its prophecy, until the time is fulfilled for the physical manifestation of the cult-UR–the cultivation of light within you, each one.            -Lord Maitreya:  9-3-1972 at Atlanta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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