Do not fail to see the clouds


The Second Coming of Christ may very well come with clouds and great glory and the sound of trumpets and Jesus appearing in the heavens.  That may be happening every day, but the world may not perceive it.  Jesus is here with us and always with us….As disciples of the Word incarnate we are meant to mirror the archetypal Christhood of the avatar Jesus or Maitreya in our individualization of the Word.  This we can do every day.

-Messengers M & E Prophet:  Path of the Universal Christ, 2003, p. 124


274, 428.   Direct your spiritual quest toward us.  You perceive not the clouds as we do.  Striving creates miracles –but let us be the judges….Do not fail to see the clouds–life is joyful for him who has wings.          –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

6.  The manifestations of clouds, winds and rain are the irrigation of the planet; but the assertion of cosmic forces cannot be conceived as being only atmospheric manifestations. -Morya:  Infinity 1, 1930

369.  The Thinker used to say “Only in the clouds will the signs of our intentions be fully recorded.”    -Morya:  Supermundane 2, 1938



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