AK47s, Russia & Americas

How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels


…they had been cultivated as informants and were in fact assets of the FBI.  More shocking, they had been using FBI money to ultimately purchase a significant portion of the firearms (often semiautomatic AK-variant rifles….We gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels.    http://nypost.com/2013/12/01/book-excerpt-how-america-gave-guns-to-mexican-drug-cartels/


11-31-15       Many of the weapons flow from Russia via the Balkan states into the rest of Europe including France. Russian firms manufactured the guns and supplied them to armed groups battling each other in Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo. When those conflicts ended in the mid- to late-1990s, the weapons remained—as many as six million of them, according to the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey (PDF)….

In just one case from 2014, Slovakian cops intercepted a truck trying to enter the country with “a large number of grenades and firearms,” according to Europol. “The vehicle was travelling from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Sweden.”

And it’s not like the stream of weapons will end when dealers in the Balkans run out of war-vintage leftovers. “One of the reasons we see a lot of Kalashnikovs and AK-47s on the black market is because Russia has just upgraded the Kalashnikov,” Kathie Lynn Austin, an expert on arms trafficking with the Conflict Awareness Project, told Al Jazeera, “and that has created massive stockpiles of the older models.”     http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/11/13/this-is-how-ak-47s-get-to-paris.html



The new rifle known as the AK-400 can be equipped with a scope of any type, a flashlight or a laser target marker. The rifle can also be adjusted depending on the shooter’s physiological parameters or the assigned task.

In terms of operational accuracy, the AK-400 surpasses the tried-and-true AK-47 as well as the newest AK-12 rifle.

“The AK-400 rifle was first presented at the end of last year, at a meeting organized by the Presidential Security Service. Currently, the service is considering the purchase of the new rifle.      http://sputniknews.com/military/20160523/1040101590/new-ak-rifle.html


6-6-16       Tri-Border Area (TBA) between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, in addition to Peru, as regions where Hezbollah was operating last year.

“Illicit activities within the TBA remained potential funding sources for terrorist organizations, most notably Hizballah,” it says, adding, “The Tri-Border Areas of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay remained an important regional nexus of arms, narcotics, pirated goods, human smuggling, counterfeiting, and money laundering — all potential funding sources for terrorist organizations.”

The TBA border region has long been a hotbed for Hezbollah members.

In its terrorism reports, the DOS also points out that Peruvian authorities in 2014 arrested a Lebanese national and his wife, a U.S-Peruvian citizen, for suspected links to Hezbollah, adding that “there were residue and traces of explosives” in their apartment.

Hezbollah, along with other terrorists and criminals in Latin America, are known to use networks that support illicit activities, such as trafficking drugs, wildlife, bulk cash, weapons, humans, in addition to illegal logging and mining.

The DOS released its assessment Thursday, a day after the U.S. military declared the region’s illicit trafficking networks as one of the greatest security threats facing the United States.

Gen. John Kelly – former commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), which oversees military activities in Latin America and the Caribbean – warned last year that jihadist groups like ISIS could exploit the illicit networks in the region to infiltrate the United States, adding that Hezbollah is already using known routes to traffic drugs and other contraband….

Pentagon and DOS have recently revealed that between 100 and 150 people from Latin America and the Caribbean have traveled to the Middle East to engage in jihad on behalf of ISIS, without specifying the names of any of the countries in the region….

Iran’s growing presence in Latin America is believed to be facilitated by Venezuela.


donors to 2 radical groups; gold & silver will be “last currencies standing.”

1-12-16      Advancement Project (AP)—a Freedom Road Socialist Organization group that funds a variety of radical causes.  AP sees America as a racist, oppressive nation and, according to Discover the Networks, “works to organize ‘communities of color’ into politically cohesive units while disseminating its leftist worldviews and values as broadly as possible by way of a sophisticated communications department.”  Its 2013 revenues were $11.3 million.

Advancement Project


…Islamist organizations have also jumped on the Black lives matter bandwagon, reminding us of the unholy alliance that exists between them and the radical Left.  In September 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood front-group Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined BLM activists in storming California Governor Jerry Brown’s office.  CAIR also participated in the Ferguson protests.  Meanwhile ISIS is recruiting American blacks for its cause.     http://www.aim.org/special-report/reds-exploiting-blacks-the-roots-of-black-lives-matter/


The loose structure of Black Lives Matter has contributed to confusion in the press and among activists, as actions or statements from chapters or individuals are sometimes attributed to “Black Lives Matter” as a whole.[23][24] Matt Pearce, writing for the Los Angeles Times, commented that the “the words could be serving as a political rallying cry or referring to the activist organization. Or it could be the fuzzily applied label used to describe a wide range of protests and conversations focused on racial inequality.”   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Lives_Matter


7-7-16    Given current central banking policies that are pushing other fiat currencies down, he continued, gold and silver will rally further as they will be the “last currencies standing.”… “We are truly living in a world of monetary mayhem where modern day central banking has embarked on an experiment that is now going haywire.”   http://www.metal.com/newscontent/94918_gold–silver-to-be-last-currencies-standing—peter-boockvar


(those) who advocate more and more uses of drugs, creating more and greater damage

12-5-13      The immense liability protection granted to U.S. vaccine manufacturers is particularly troubling given its pervasive influence and significant omnipresence in vaccine policymaking.  U.S. government health officials in charge of promulgating vaccine policy are often in the same circle as those who profit financially from vaccine sales.  With liberal grants of waivers to numerous and substantial conflict of interests, U.S. government health officials allow the approval of unsafe vaccines on the market.  As a result, this law not only insulated U.S. vaccine manufacturers from liability, but it also created perverse incentives and paved the way for potentially more unsafe vaccines to flood the market.        http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2364071


Sept 1991

Not content with distorting the data, the authorities are now indulging in financial manipulation in their efforts to increase the vaccination levels.  Under the new OP contracts, effective from 1 April, doctors who achieve a 90 per cent take-up rate among parents qualify for an £1,800 bonus payment.  Those managing just 70 per cent get £600. Anything under that percentage and the doctors get nothing. It is a nakedly coercive strategy, and already reports are reaching Rosemary Fox, founder of the Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, of OPs striking parents off their lists for refusing to allow their children to have the jabs.

‘Most parents are unable to resist the pressure and have allowed their children to be vaccinated,’ she says, ‘but they remain very unhappy about it.’  It is the pertussis or whooping cough vaccine that causes most concern.  The limited debate that has taken place in the UK has centred on this jab and on the well-publicised instances of brain damage clearly associated with it.  But a significant and, probably, growing minority of parents are questioning the whole vaccination premise….

But when the vaccine is introduced directly into the circulation, by contrast, it is given free and immediate access to the major immune organs and tissues without any obvious way of getting rid of it. Having gained access, elements of the vaccine can stay for prolonged periods, perhaps permanently, by incorporating themselves within the genetic material of the cells. This constant presence and the body’s repeated but hopeless attempts to expunge the foreign or, by now, quasi-foreign presence, can lead to a systematic weakening of the immune system as a whole and, thus, a greater susceptibility to all manner of ailments.

And so, far from providing protection against acute disease, vaccination can be said to drive the disease itself deeper into the body’s interior and cause that body to harbour the disease chronically.

Among the chronic maladies associated with latent, persisting viruses, says Moskowitz, are warts, shingles, herpes, Creuzfeldt-Jacob disease, AIDS and benign and malignant tumours. He also suggests a link between whooping cough vaccine and leukaemia — an association he supports with case histories from his own practice and with other clinical data. All this is apart from evidence of short-term, less serious side-effects….

American medical historian Harris Coulter has caused an even bigger stink with his vaccine investigation. In his new volume, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality, he claims:

‘A large proportion of the millions of US children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia and other shoots and branches of the hydra-headed entity called “developmental disabilities” owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases.’

The problem can be traced, he says, to the vaccines’ damaging effect on the myelination process of the child’s developing nervous system — myelin being the greasy substance that forms an insulating sheath around nerve fibres. This damage causes an allergic encephalitis (inflammation or infection of the brain) leading to the widespread consequences he has identified.

With vaccine proponents denying immediate, palpable side effects, says Coulter, it is little wonder that wholehearted disinterest is shown in the possibility of long-term damage.

Rosemary Fox, of the Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, believes that new vaccines enter the public domain not for health reasons but p rimarily because of the drug companies’ ability to dream up profitable new products. http://whale.to/m/tyler.html


For, beloved ones, you cannot comprehend the cross of this addiction and the double-cross when there are those in positions of professions who advocate more and more uses of drugs, creating more and greater damage for the relieving of the problem that has already been created by drugs.               -Kuan Yin:  10-6-1977 at Pasadena; see https://books.google.com/books?id=rP9xljL5NrkC&pg=PA129&lpg=PA129&dq=clare+prophet+kuan+yin+doublecross&source=bl&ots=HOF9VaphxH&sig=U8TZdwnOW8qhkoc5QUO0u7wsbx0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjM69HAqv7NAhUN12MKHX8mDbsQ6AEILTAD#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20kuan%20yin%20doublecross&f=false

Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins

-Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins


-Mt. Shasta


Injuries & deaths from pertussis-containing vaccines are the most compensated claims; brain is most susceptible to oxidative degradation

According to a global report on birth defects which was conducted in 2006, 21 out of 22 countries most affected by birth defects per 1000 live births are Muslim majority countries and the following countries are the ones most affect by birth defects per 1000 live births:
1. Sudan 82.0/1000
2. Saudi Arabia 81.3/1000
3. Benin 77.9/1009
4. Burkina Faso 77.0/1000
5. Palestinian territories 76.6/1000
6. United Arab Emirates 75.9/1000
7. Tajikistan 75.2/1000
8. Iraq 74.9/1000
9. Kuwait 74.9/1000
10. Afghanistan 74.8/1000
11. Oman 74.8/1000
12. Syria 74.3/1000
13. Pakistan 73.5/1000
14. Nigeria 73.5/1000
15. Kyrgyzstan 73.4/1000
16. Qatar 73.4/1000
17. Bahrain 73.3/1000
18. Jordan 73.1/1000
19. Libya 73.0/1000
20. Tunisia 72.7/1000
21. Morocco 72.3/1000
22. Yemen 72.1/1000


Inbreeding which involves marriage between cousins is an islamically valid and approved practise.  Inbreeding is a major cause of birth defects in children so its very likely that the whole cousin marriage thing has a huge role to play in recorded high rates of birth defects in Muslim countries.    http://www.nairaland.com/1448664/muslim-countries-found-highest-rates


2-26-16    In late 2014, the Ministry of Health of Brazil announced the introduction of the Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) vaccine for all pregnant women in that country as part of its routine vaccination program…. Injuries and deaths from pertussis-containing vaccines are the most compensated claims in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and influenza vaccine injuries and deaths are the second most compensated claim.      http://yournewswire.com/is-zika-virus-or-the-dtap-vaccine-causing-birth-defects-in-brazil/


-Dr. H. Buttram, with C. Frompovich, wrote:

Of all the organs of the body, the brain is the most susceptible to oxidative degradation, commonly referred to “lipid peroxidation.”  Although an infant’s brain receives 15 percent of normal cardiac output, it utilizes nearly 25 percent of the body’s oxygenation. [13] As elevated oxygen levels in the environment bring increased risk of explosions or fire, comparable physiological risks exist in the brain.  In addition to being a highly oxygenated organ, the human brain has heightened vulnerability to harmful peroxidation because the brain has by far the highest fat content of any organ of the body with membrane lipids constituting 60 percent of the solid matter. [14]  In addition, both brain and retina contain a relatively high percentage of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) [10-20] and arachidonic acid (ARA) that serve as a primary building block of the membranes of these structures.  DHA and ARA are high in energetics, but they are far more unstable and vulnerable to pro-inflammatory peroxidation (oxidative lipid degradation) than saturated fats. [13-22]

In essence, the brain might be compared with highly inflammable dry grass or brush enclosed in an area with elevated oxygen levels, needing only a spark to set off a conflagration of inflammatory lipid peroxidation. In all likelihood, vaccine adjuvants provide this spark far more often than generally realized….

During the Congressional Hearings on Vaccine Safety (1999-Dec. 2004) an FDA panel was repeatedly asked, “Where are your (safety) studies?”  The panel could only reply with unsatisfactory answers such as, “They would be very expensive.”  However, it was not until January 14, 2009 that it became evident that the avoidance of meaningful vaccine safety studies has long been an established policy by the National Institute of Health, the primary federal agency responsible for funding health research in the United States, as reported by the autistic support group, Age of Autism:

January 17, 2009
National Autism Association on IACC Removal of
Vaccine Safety Research, A Press Release from
The National Autism Association:

“Washington, DC – In an unprecedented move on Wednesday, Jan. 14th, the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) removed previously approved vaccine safety research from the Strategic Plan for Autism Research objectives.”



“Almost any vaccination can lead to noninfectious inflammatory reaction involving the nervous system.  The common denominator consists of vasculopathy (disease of the blood vessels) that is often associated with demyelination (permeation of the critical “electrical” insulator of the brain cells).”   -Charles M. Poser, Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology, 1947

‘In a model of aluminum-mediated intoxication imposed to mice during pregnancy and early development, a 72% higher content of lipid peroxidation products was found in brain myelin.’   -Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 08/15/1997

Note: Lipid peroxidation is associated with cellular damage resulting from oxidative stress (or Ischemia), which inhibits the capacity of cellular antioxidants, vital to natural immunity, by the unleashing of free radicals.   – Scientific verification of demyelination linked to mitochondrial breakdown, caused by the intervention of aluminum on early childhood development in the brain.

Two primary factors here, in determining the extent of vaccine derived neurological & corresponding neuro-developmental damage (including the host of typical auto-immune failure responses) which are often overlooked in Medical circles?  Timing & synergy.

Timing is CRITICAL.  A newborn lacks sufficient protection to guard against premature damage to the blood barrier (physiological mechanism that alters the permeability of brain capillaries so that some substances, such as certain drugs, are prevented from entering brain tissue, while other substances are allowed to enter freely) on the brain – so that vital, unfinished area is still completely raw.

A baby’s blood-brain barrier takes no less than 7 months in utero (latter stages of third trimester) to establish its primary protective shielding:

‘It has been established that by week 28 of the intrauterine development the process of the structural and functional establishment of the BBB (blood-brain barrier) had been over as evidenced by the lack of specific alpha-1-globulin in umbilical blood of the neonates of the given gestation age.‘    -Volodin NN, Chekhonin VP, Tabolin VA, Rogatkin SO, Kashparov IA.

The Myelin Sheath is also significantly under-developed at birth. In fact, a baby undergoes continuous Myelin formation well after birth.

‘Myelination appeared to occur earliest in the posterior fossa, with the middle cerebellar peduncle identifiable at only 3 months.  By the age of 1 year, all major white matter tracts including the corpus callosum, subcortical white matter, and the internal capsule were well defined.  However, due to subtle changes in appearance, the refined configuration of the adult brain was not attained until early adolescence.‘   -B A Holland, D K Haas, D Norman, M Brant-Zawadzki and T H Newton

Similarly, the Meninges layering is designed to insulate the brain & spinal cord from injury – notwithstanding the accumulative barrage of synergistic toxicity associated with early childhood vaccines. ”Probably no field in embryology has been less explored than that relating to the meninges.”  -Lewis H. Weed


8-21-2011       ‘The organs of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) are covered by 3 connective tissue layers collectively called the meninges. Consisting of the pia mater (closest to the CNS structures), the arachnoid and the dura mater (farthest from the CNS), the meninges also support blood vessels and contain cerebrospinal fluid. These are the structures involved in meningitis, an inflammation of the meninges, which, if severe, may become encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain.’ -Medline Plus

Early Onset Autism, which occurs anywhere from 12-18 months, coincides precisely with most intense period of standard immunization. By 15 months the average child in most developed countries, has received a minimum of 25 injections. This results in severe heavy metal toxicity interfering with the earliest stage of development, during the first 6 months after birth.

The synergy of vaccine derived heavy metal-virus-mycoplasma-excipient toxicity “sludge” targets 3 primary core “electrical grid” stations encasing the nerve center/brain – kin to throwing water over a main keyboard operating system. In the event the Blood-Brain barrier, Myelin sheath & Meninges are breached, particularly at such a critical stage in early childhood development, neuro-developmental disorders will inevitably follow. It seems a master Electrician knows more about overall functionality of the human body than your average Pediatrician. …

Aluminum is a positively charged bio-conductive element, 64 times more positive than colloidal blood products (ie. anything suspended in your blood) are negative; with the properties of a coagulant. It literally draws in all other metals & toxins in its path. When injected into deep muscle tissue or subcutaneously, this neurotoxin gets redistributed via the bloodstream (consisting of 90% water) to areas of fatty tissue (highly electrical tissues – negatively charged) throughout the body, builds up over time in these delicate centers; primarily in the Brain, Spinal cord, Myelin sheath, Meninges, cardiac cells, breasts & ovaries (in women), prostate (in men), kidneys, liver, gut & bowels.

This “sludging” is activated when Aluminum interacts with Hemoglobin in flow, in the negatively charged environment. This causes the negatively charged blood products to “attract” towards the larger, more massive positively charged Aluminum, causing clumping or “sludging”. This restricts blood flow, and it changes the Zeta Potential to change from -15mv (minus 15 milivolts) towards -10 mv (minus 10 milivolts), or possibly closer to zero. This is an increase in Zeta Potential, from a negatively charge towards neutral. (This is somewhat analogous to a change in state of water as it turns to ice – it’s a change in viscosity, affecting blood flow).

“Your blood has no method of excretion; Heavy metals & live viruses, formaldehyde are redistributed by the blood to areas of fatty tissue (highly conductive/electrical tissues) – found in the gray matter of the brain, the Myelin Sheath, neurons, the meninges/spine, cardiac cells, breasts & ovaries (in women), prostate (in men). Blood is made of water. When you stick aluminum in your blood, anything that’s toxic debris is going to bond to and coagulate and cause a congestive coccidiosis and this stuff gets caught in the tiny highways & byways. So you have the big gushing arteries & veins but they byfricate and branch into streams like a river; and they branch in again to the tiny arterial & capillary bits. That’s where the blockages are occurring, the brain, the spine, (the intestines/bowel) fingers & toes – which turn blue, choking of the micro-vessels from all the sludge that gets caught from all these repetitive hits/vaccinations, over & over. There are 60,000 miles of blood-vessels in one body.They run through every part of your muscle, your bone, your brain. Anywhere you stick an inter-muscular injection it goes into the blood.”   –Dr. Gary Tunsky

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, world renowned former brain surgeon, the average doctor receives the equivalent of a weekend seminar, in their first year only, on the specific topic of the neurological side-effects & disorders associated with vaccine uptake; approximately seven hours of careful, focused study into the complex strata of auto-immune breakdown type complexities. Without this fundamental bedrock of knowledge a critical component is missing from any doctor’s arsenal, considering the widespread impact neurological side-effects to vaccines have had on the community at large.                http://vaccineresistancemovement.org/?p=8787


The fate of police officers who kill often rests in the hands of the prosecutors they typically work alongside.







At the same time the number of police officers has increased in the US. There are a quarter of a million more police officers working today than there were three decades ago.

So when you consider the number of officers killed per 100,000, there has been a dramatic decrease. The annual per capita number of officers killed has dropped from 24 per 100,000 in the 10 years to 1980 to 7.3 per 100,000 in the 10 years to 2013 (the last year for which there is good data).

This chimes with a bigger trend, which is a steady reduction in crime, including homicides.



Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.32.05 AMYOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

7-7-16    Jones, like so many other people, is disgusted that police officers are killing black people like it’s open season. Jones, who’s the only black female police officer on the Warrensville Heights, Ohio force   http://www.theroot.com/blog/the-grapevine/black-female-police-officer-speaks-out-against-killer-cops/


12-31-15    The fate of police officers who kill often rests in the hands of the prosecutors they typically work alongside.

To win his election campaign and oust the top state prosecutor in Omaha, Nebraska, Don Kleine first needed to secure the support of an influential group of voters.

Promising a return to “tough on crime” priorities, and attacking the incumbent county attorney’s new rehabilitative programs, Kleine clinched the endorsements of the region’s major police unions – and their thousands of dollars in election campaign contributions.

Ever since his 2006 victory, Kleine has relied on the officers of those unions to help him convict everyday criminals. Omaha officer Alvin Lugod, for instance, was called to appear as a prosecution witness a dozen times, according to records released by Kleine’s office.

Yet when Officer Lugod was facing possible criminal charges himself in February for fatally shooting an unarmed man in the back, Kleine saw no reason to step aside. Instead, the prosecutor oversaw a secret grand jury process that declined to indict his colleague.

The case was one of 217 this year where a police officer who killed someone was cleared of wrongdoing in a process led by a prosecutor who typically works alongside the officer’s department. The total represented 85% of all killings by police that were ruled justified in 2015, according to a Guardian analysis. This week, the police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice last year in Cleveland, Ohio, was cleared in the same way .     http://www.rawstory.com/2015/12/ties-that-bind-how-district-attorneys-cleared-killer-cops-in-more-than-200-cases-in-2015/

wholesale drug sales bigger than grocery sales in USA; coup attempt masterminds

7-15-16    total drug sales by manufacturers to pharmacies, hospitals, and others in the distribution chain jumped 11.3% from a year ago (not seasonally adjusted) to $54.3 billion.

That was the largest of the wholesale categories in the report:  larger than “Groceries” ($51.5 billion)         http://wolfstreet.com/2016/07/15/big-pharma-sales-boom-on-drug-price-increases/


7-17-16   Three senior officials in Ankara said Akin Ozturk, head of the air force until 2015 and a member of High Military Council (YAS), the top body overseeing the armed forces, was one of the masterminds of the plot. He was among thousands of soldiers detained, pictured on Sunday in handcuffs wearing a striped polo shirt at Ankara police headquarters.

Ozturk was due to be retired this August at a meeting of the YAS, which convenes twice a year. According to his biography, still on the military’s website, he was born in 1952.

The second mastermind was thought to be Muharrem Kose, a former legal adviser to the chief of military staff, the same three Ankara officials said. They described Kose as a follower of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based cleric whose network Erdogan has blamed for carrying out the coup attempt.

Kose was removed from his post in March for misconduct but had not been discharged from the armed forces, one of the officials said. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

“There were serious preparations ongoing for a very long time. The two people in question seem to have been the brains behind the coup attempt,” the official said, declining to be identified because the investigation is still continuing.  http://atimes.com/2016/07/insight-at-height-of-turkish-coup-bid-rebel-jets-had-erdogans-plane-in-their-sights/


Microcephaly-born David Henrique Ferreira (L), 5 months, rests during an examination by Dr. Elane Ivo in Recife, Pernambuco State, Brazil, on Feb. 1, 2016. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Microcephaly-born David Henrique Ferreira (L), 5 months, rests during an examination by Dr. Elane Ivo in Recife, Pernambuco State, Brazil, on Feb. 1, 2016. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

7-17-16     Instead of announcing the Zika pandemic, the three international health agencies should have launched a CSI-type investigation in that quarter of Brazil examining all of the environmental triggers and toxins that might be contributing to the surge in microcephaly.  But that didn’t happen.