human reason is not a door but a barrier, a total barrier to entering into the logic of the Mind of God

Blessed ones, unless we shall maintain the standards of the Mystery School, even if but one Chela with a capital C remain, you shall see that without that standard and without that school there shall not be the opportunity for the path of discipleship unto God in this hour….

Blessed ones, if you do not set your agenda and set it well the fallen ones will come along and set it for you.  If you do not order your day it will be disordered by the fallen ones.  Either you send forth the positive thrust of the power of Hercules and Amazonia, of Archangel Michael, of El Morya, of Lanello and of this Messenger or you do not!   It is simply one way or the other….

I, Hercules, decree it, that you shall know this night [what can be done] as you stand before the cosmic mirror that is maintained in the Grand Teton Retreat, as you stand before that mirror and view your entire past since you left the octaves of perfection–if you will and if you dare!  And you may therefore gain a great sense of co-measurement of the work that remains for you to do and the opportunity that you can surely take that you might fulfill your ascension in this life.

I pray you desire a path that is not one of sorrow, that is not one of crying, of pain and suffering.  This is the path of the false martyrs.  Let those who are the true ones know that the true sacrifice is the letting go of the human consciousness and knowing thereby its replacement by that Christ descending.  This is the hour of the resurrection of your soul. This is the hour of the resurrection of the divine image in which you were made….May you understand opportunity that comes once in ten thousand years from Elohim.  May you understand and hear.  May you be able to take that leap and set that old self aside….The Law requires the giving of self….

I tell you, not a few but millions upon this planet have failed on the first ray under first-ray Masters and under the sign of Aries. They have complained for they have been “bruised,” they have been “beaten,” they have been “disciplined” and they have not understood the power of the Zen whereby all human mind and mentality is proven to be naught but human reason.  And human reason is not a door but a barrier, a total barrier to entering into the logic of the Mind of God.  Thus understand the real meaning of the discipline that must take place.

Some [staff or chelas] say, “Oh, we would not cause pain to the staff, to the Masters’ chelas.  We would not bruise them,” not understanding the great purging fire that does allow healing to take place only through pain and only through suffering.  And I speak of the suffering of the soul as well as the body, of the heart as well as the mind.  Some seek only to have surcease from suffering; this is not our path, beloved….

Yes, beloved, those who fear do not have the love of God in them and their anxiety that becomes an imperil* is surely a block in this Community.  And thus it is one of the most deadly of sins.  For the fear of the Guru or of God or of one another or of one’s own Mighty I AM Presence or of the Law itself shows an absence of trust, an absence of love, and it is the state of those who cannot enter in….I, Hercules, may raise now the power of a staff of blue flame that I will allow, as a magnet, to magnetize along your spine a greater energy of fire.  For we desire to hear the expression of fire go forth from those who lead and give decrees!…

Give fire and receive it and be ready for your fiery trial, for no man shall know the day or the night of the coming of the Lord without that fiery trial.     -Elohim Hercules:  3-28-1991 (Holy Thursday) at RTR, Montana          *imperil=the poison that results from fear, anxiety, anguish and irritability–Messenger ECP

weather satellite photo

weather satellite photo

-the north wind blowing from Siberia in the last day or so



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