espionage/hacking worldwide overview; those who would speak the Word

EXCLUSIVE: How Hacking and Espionage Fuel China’s Growth

2 Year Study includes infographic detailing web of corrupt ties among hackers, generals, and big business

Therefore those who would speak the Word–the word of the challenge of darkness in the total consciousness of God-goodness–have the backing of Hierarchy and of the Mother of the Flame. For our twin flames are united for a cosmic purpose, for a cosmic convenience, that convenience being to have one above/one below so that the victory might be perpetual–a perpetual flow from Mater to Spirit, from Spirit to Mater as souls ascend and are born into infinity. Those who are called then as the elect of God to support the Mother-flame must choose to support that flame at any hour, 24 hours of the day. -Lanello: Pearls of Wisdom 20:13, given 12-18-1973 at Puerto Varas, Chile
Let then the altars of this retreat and the altars of Keepers of the Flame in the earth experience once a day a little of the fire of frankincense burning so that you might also know that Morya himself steps through the veil of frankincense….
And do you know what I deem to be the greatest flaunting of the Law of Love, beloved? It is ingratitude itself, ingratitude for the simple things in life as well as for the great things that are beyond man’s ability to make happen….
To be in the aura of the ascended masters is a privilege of many lifetimes….You lose that right (to be sensitive to a Master’s presence) when you begin to take for granted what it takes for a Master to lower his vibration to your level, to enter your life and world. You love that right when you begin to take for granted what it takes to raise up a Messenger that he or she might be the nexus of the flow of light from heaven to earth. You lose that right when you take for granted the dispensations that must be forthcoming year in/year out to maintain a Community of the Holy Spirit such as this sangha of the Buddha….
But beloved hearts, when ambition exceeds acceptable levels and you desire to build yet another level and another level of personal gain–each without solid foundation in the soul and in the Higher Self–you must cry halt to the human ego and assess the direction your life is taking….Thus know that attainment on the path is to be sought and won, but it must always have a purpose and that purpose is self-transcendence…and that Christhood becomes the bread of Life that is broken and shared with others. The bread of Life is given to those who have the self-acquired gift of non-attachment. -Nada: 4-11-1993 at RTR, Montana

by Ruth Hawkins

by Ruth Hawkins


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