this one purpose of the point of the lance

Hatred or its corollary vibration would bind you to unreality.  I would have you unbound!                                                                 I would reveal by the Holy Spirit this one purpose of the point of the lance, the point of the sacred spear that pierced his side!                                                         Now I raise the sacred spear!  I pierce it through and through into the cause and core of implanted hatred of the Father!        Bind it now!  Bind it now, O sacred spear of living Christ, O Great Brotherhood of Light, bind the hatred of the Father!            Thrust through now, O sacred spear!                                                                                                                                               By His body and His blood bind the hatred of the Son!  Bind the forcefield of the hatred and the consciousness behind it!        Bind the demons that lurk!

Bind them in the folds and garments!  Bind them now!  Bind their records!  Bind their memory!                                               Bind them who have sought to enter the living temple of our God!  No more, I say!                                                                      Be bound, O seed of hatred of the Holy Ghost, most devious.  Be bound!

The sacred spear enters now.  Be bound, O demons of the night!                                                                                                Bind the psychic impostor and the false prophet of the carnal mind!                                                                                           Bind the hatred of the Holy Ghost!  End that hatred now!

Blaze forth, O invincible light, O invincible light of the Holy of Holies, descend!                                                                         Now intensify, O rod of fire!                                                                                                                                                      Flaming spear, increase as light, whitefire light of Mother is crystalized ascension’s flame.                                                          Now pierce, pierce the wound of hatred of the Mother and Her seed!                                                                                        Bind then that which Lucifer sought to deposit in the sons and daughters of God, in the blessed children of the Mother!

Bind the anti-Mother!  Bind the anti demons!*  Bind the discarnates!                                                                                          Burn through, O sacred spear!  Burn through!  Burn through!  Burn through, O living Word!                                                                 I AM the Holy Grail.  I now unveil that Holy Grail and hold it high–                                                                                                  As one glimpse is all that you may be given until you have accelerated into higher dimensions of purity’s flame.

O Holy Grail, magnetize Mother-light as I, Maitreya, hold the forcefield now for the raising of resurrection’s flame, preparing for the raising of Mother-light and Kundalini’s sacred fire.  Now angels have veiled once more the Grail and you, my beloved, have received the spear as surgeon’s sword of Living Christ.                -Lord Maitreya:  7-14-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles

*anti demons.  The demons of anti-light, anti-love, anti-brotherhood, anti-freedom, anti-truth, anti-joy, et alia.


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