to infiltrate the mind and being of man with a more potent release than ever before of that sacred charge

I anxiously await the release of a more intense action of the Christ consciousness to infiltrate the mind and being of man with a more potent release than ever before of that sacred charge of identity which is the Being of the Father….

These (the dead in spirit) have remained in the devoid state of lacking enough divine grace, enough of the essence of the Holy Spirit to give them the body and substance of soul which would drive them toward God with such a mighty heart-thrust as to set them free from the dust of self-extinction whereby men play out their roles and their tiny flames upon the wanton dissipation of name or fame without ever laying claim to that wondrous glory of supreme identity…..they have not translated it (the Way) into the upsweep of the ascended majesty of a Christ in service, a Christ in action, a Christ in resurgence from the tomb of mortality, and a Christ ascended; it was to this fourfold majesty of service and progress that the angels sang….

Hail O incarnate Word!  Hail O majestic Spirit of the Lord!  Hail O mighty two-edged sword!  Hail O Good Report, for all who have believed thee shall indeed have the mysteries of eternal life revealed to them!        

-Maha Chohan: Pearls of Wisdom 8:48


And every living tree is a transformer, transmuting hate and hate creation, by the power of the pine devas into the love of life that continues to rise and rise, adding new branches and green shoots each year in utter defiance of the opposing force [which is] not life but death.  As Nature pulls against the gravity of earth and reaches for the magnetism of the Sun, so stalwart sons find in every tree an altar of the flaming ones.        -Serapis:  8-27-1982 at RTR, Montana


It is indeed the last time, the last opportunity, the last freedom and justice.

another progressive horror story of abandoning what works in the name of what’s politically trendy. For left-wing saboteurs and their Big Business GOP enablers, this means throwing our unique patent system and its constitutional underpinnings under an 18-wheeler. So-called “patent reform” proposals continue to plague Capitol Hill. But like health care “reform” and education “reform,” these government cures are worse than any purported disease.

As part of his ongoing bid to “fundamentally transform” America, President Obama signed the Orwellian-titled America Invents Act (AIA) in 2011. If truth-in-advertising laws applied to politicians who front massively complex bills that do the opposite of what they proclaim to do, these hucksters would be jailed for their patently fraudulent “reform” legislation….

Like Obamacare, the sheer size and complexity of the AIA nullify the dubious benefits the White House and its statist lobbying pals claim it will bring. University of Virginia law professor John Duffy points out that the law is 140 pages long, “more than twice the length of the entire federal patent statute” since its last recodification in 1952. Stuffed with earmarks and bribes for the banking industry, Michigan Democrats who lobbied for a new satellite patent office in Detroit, and other well-connected cronies, the AIA’s 37 sections are intentionally complex. Its sloppy drafting will result in “cases interpreting the law going to the courts for 20 years before lawyers really know how to advise clients,” patent lawyer David Boundy predicted.


Keepers of the Flame, by your leave I am sent from the Great Central Sun to stand in the midst of this city as a pillar of violet flame, my aura then sealing a destiny–a destiny far spent.  For America has abdicated her role as the nation of Christhood, the eternal Law of God, as the nation wherein the LORD Our Righteousness should raise up a standard/an ensign of the people and a two-edged sword.

Thus beloved, through your hearts and yours alone, the lightbearers in all the earth–those who know me and may not know my name but have espoused the cause of freedom and of peace–through them I shall continue to work….

Know then O beloved that footprint for footprint if America and the Earth shall long desire the Presence of Saint Germain with them they must forge a fire, truly a violet flame where I may place my feet.  It is indeed the last time, the last opportunity, the last freedom and justice.  Either these flames be raised up by the lightbearers of the world or you shall see the darkness prophesied by young and old alike, those who have known and those who have read the report of that which the enemy does propose against this nation and against all people of freedom worldwide.     -Saint Germain:  Thanksgiving 1987 at Washington, DC via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet


And the sacred fire of the Word is an offense to those who offend God, and it is the defense unto the defenseless lambs who though they are defenseless yet defend his Word by love and only love.         -Sanat Kumara:  10-21-1979 via Messenger ECP      IMG_0925