Whoever does not love the clarity of crystals will not reach us.

90.  Whoever does not love the clarity of crystals will not reach us.  Unrepeatable purity means perfection of form. One may show a crystal to a child, and the child will grasp the perfection of it.  Indeed the structure of the crystals of the community will yield perfection of form.  -Morya:  Community 1926

8.  The slander of the old world is of no consequence.  Each true achievement is needed for cosmos. The creativity of podvig (Russian: a selfless heroic act) is the same in every process of creation.  In augmenting the profundity of the form we create an ageless crystal. The sense of perfection uplifts the spirit of creative manifestations.

214.   The crystal relates to the finest energies and also to the energy promised to humanity–if humanity is willing to accept it.

260.  Nowhere is it said that a yogi must be physically alone, but for him solitude of spirit is inevitable. Consecrating himself the yogi grows the crystal of his individuality.  And the more generously he gives the more he remains untouched.     -M:  Agni Yoga 1929


And these blue flames are singing a paean of praise to the Father of Life.  And the crystal around them is made up of the radiant hopes of the Children of the light as they are assembled.  I have taken the spiritual hopes of many from among the unascended as well as the ascended hosts and with my own hands I have formed in the air before you the crystal symbol of the diamond heart.  This heart is actually made up of their hopes even as it carries the radiation of my own heart.   -Morya:  8-7-1958 at Philadelphia, see https://books.google.com/books?id=6APeq8IzX-wC&pg=PA3&dq=clare+prophet+morya+crystal&hl=en&sa=X&ei=9kPVVM7FMou0oQTe64BQ&ved=0CCMQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20morya%20crystal&f=false


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