the crystal that is the Cosmic Virgin

And the tentacles come from the beast on the astral plane that works through those individuals who have not sworn allegiance to Almighty God by the flame of love….Great hearts have built this nation.  But over a period of thirty or forty years there has been a lessening of their strength and a covering over of the land with spirals of disintegration and decay.  These spirals pervert the signs of the spirals of the Great Central Sun….

Wherever there is an emerald fire, an emerald ray burning, remember that behind it is the crystal–the crystal that is the Cosmic Virgin.  The crystal is the lens of the Mother’s mind. Therefore with crystal clarity let us go forth to find purity, and where we find it not let us raise it up!…

Chakras of sons of God, expand by Helios’ light!       -Archangel Raphael:  1-18-1981 at Washington, D.C., see


The truth is that most people have neither the spiritual attainment nor the empowerment from God to gain the upper hand over either their egos or their dwellers-on-the-threshold, much less the fallen angels.  Thus they do not hold a tight rein on their souls or their souls’ evolution.  It is sad but true that without divine intercession all but a small percentage of the population are unable to deal with and overcome the forces of Evil on a day-to-day basis.  -Messengers Ms & E C Prophet, see


The dispensation of Hierarchy to open the way for mankind to walk in the footsteps of one who recently gave his all to the nobility of Truth and who in honor performed a mighty service to the Brotherhood enables me to invite all who espouse the cause of Truth to come in their finer bodies to attend temple training and classes in Truth here at the isle of Crete where the crystal ray merging with the emerald fires solidifies in the four lower bodies of man the blueprint of the City Foursquare, the geometry of the diamond-shining mind of God and the cosmic cube that is the foundation of all spiritual building.   -Hilarion:  Pearls of Wisdom 16:14, see


Elgar’s famous march, sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir–Morya’s keynote:


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