Then everything else fell into line.

What mattered was that I was in closest proximity to the master. Then everything else fell into line. I am what I am today because of that, because that is where I place value. From my experience nothing in the universe is more important than being as close as you can to the one who is closest to the Brotherhood. I wouldn’t trade being next to Saint Francis for a million years of whatever else you can do in this world. -Messenger E C Prophet: Community, pp. 130-1, see
~4000 jihadists in European Union, according to security chiefs
342. Not only does egoism deaden itself, it strikes the surroundings with sterility, whereas individuality kindles fires in all adjacent camps. Cooperation is the crown of individuality, but the scourge of egoism is like the sting of a scorpion. Can one rely upon egoism? No more than upon a viper! But true individuality contains in itself the foundation of universal justice. We must gather individualities; for a new diamond is in need of cutting, but egoism must pass through many incarnations. Indeed this law may also be changed by the fire of the heart. -Morya: Hierarchy 1931


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