Proximity to any vibration causes the energy of unascended beings to unconsciously duplicate the vibration

Consider, beloved ones, the meaning of discipline of thought that demands the immaculate concept about every part of life and refuses acceptance of the patterns of error that as residual magnetism cling to the consciousness of mankind as a shroud.  We shall see as we proceed–and I say this to those who will remain with me to be God-taught–how we shall burn this shroud and consume it to ashes.  We shall see how God shall transmute and change carnal purpose into the splendid manifestation of the living light of His Presence.  We shall watch as men and women today in emulation of the Christ majesty that rides forth to give a new sense of victory to mankind shall be born again even through the study and application of this Dossier that comes from the living flaming consciousness of the ascension flame. …

Keep on, valiant ones….Your ascension is God’s desire for you.   -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension, #10


Proximity to any vibration causes the energy of unascended beings to unconsciously duplicate the vibration unless they have become absolute master of the energy in their own inner and physical vehicles.  Proximity to undesirable vibrations tends to lower the individual’s personal vibratory action and likewise proximity to constructive powerful vibrations tends to raise the individual’s personal vibratory action….The more the students avail themselves of the Presence and power of the various God-virtues (flames) and the momentums gathered at the various retreats (of the Brotherhood) while they are particularly active, the more real, practical and sustained will become the result of such practices.   -Maha Chohan:  March 1956 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teachings, 2, Luk Pub., Pueblo, CO, 1978, p. 242


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